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Poop Man Bob

U.S. enlists DOLPHINS to aid war effort. Dolphins?!

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K-DOG the minehunter

By Harriet Arkell, Evening Standard


This is K-Dog, the coalition forces' most surprising weapon against Iraq.


With a camera strapped to his fin, the bottle-nose dolphin is one of about 100 dolphins and sea lions helping to clear shipping lanes in the Gulf to ensure a safe passage for vessels, including those which will provide humanitarian relief.


K-Dog and his handler Sgt Andrew Garrett are part of a multinational team, CTU-55.4.3, consisting of Naval Special Clearance Team One, Britain's Fleet Diving Unit Three, Australia's Clearance Dive Team, and two Explosive Ordnance Disposal units.


A Pentagon spokesman said: "The team works in both deep and shallow waters, looking for mines and marking them. Dolphins have been used like this by the US Navy for more than 30 years, and have proved themselves more reliable than robots."


He said that unlike robots, the dolphins did not run out of power, nor did they go missing or have problems communicating from the sea bed.




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Guest beardo



this is comedy all in itself

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i believe it . marine world. marine world.


dolphins have a pretty big brain compared to their body. they're second, right next to humans. the architecture of the dolphin brain also has two hemispheres, but in addition to the three lobes, its cerebral organ has a fourth and developed lobe named the paralimbic lobe. it's unique to cetaceans and is the lobe where all senses are located. the benefit to having these senses in one lobe is the ability to make immediate and complex perceptions far from what humans can ever comprehend. i'm not sure if this is true, but scientists have found out that in comparison to the primate brain, the dolphin has much more intelligent.


as well with their communication. i'm sure that you've heard that the dolphin can communicate with eachother that humans can not ever understand. or we've been trying to understand but havent gotten to that point yet. sound moves faster and further in water.



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^ oh yes... dolphins are incredibly smart.


so here's the tough question:


If A dolphin could understand the political situation involved,

would it still take part on the US side of things?

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didnt they say the same think about flipper?

i heard they used him to assasinate hitler and take over nicaruagua

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I swear dolphins are all homos.

Get some sharks with lazers and now were talking 'Operation Liberation'

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US Navy's 'Flipper' goes AWOL

March 31, 2003


AUSTRALIAN military divers yesterday questioned the effectiveness of the US Navy's mine-clearing dolphins, revealing one had disappeared for two days.


The polite way to express their scepticism about the mine-clearing skills of the dolphins is to question their reliability and cost-efficiency, but one diver spoke more plainly yesterday.


"Flipper's f----ed, mate," he said.


"The dolphins have had all this amazing publicity but as soon as they put one in the water it shot through. There's a war going on and Flipper goes AWOL (absent without leave)."


The diver said the dolphin returned two days later.


But in the interim, the US Navy brought in another dolphin by helicopter.


"That meant some of our gear got bumped off the flight," he said.


The handlers of the five dolphins at work in the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr confirmed yesterday that one of their charges, a male named Tacoma, did disappear when put in the water to go to work.


"Two days later we found him in the same spot where we put him in the water," said Lieutenant Robert Greene, the officer in charge of the M-7 series of mine-clearing dolphins.


Tacoma was yesterday resting in his holding pool with the Navy's oldest dolphin, 33-year-old Makay.


Makay has been more diligent in Iraq, perhaps learning from a painful experience when he, too, took off from duty once in Florida.


A shark attacked him during his self-declared holiday, leaving him with scars on his back.


Lt Greene said the dolphins had been a great success in Iraq in using their sonar to detect potential mines and placing markers on them to guide human divers to the targets.

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actually, the most intelligent animals are on the planet are something as follows:


1. humans

2. chimpanzees

3. pigs

and then i think its dolphins

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