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  1. Old school top to bottom master piece with character from the early 70's. This WORM 161 with spray can character was done by RIFF 170. The master piece era in NYC during the 1970's was a very special time.
  2. Small batch of stickers by RIFF 170. These are priority mail stickers from 2000, 2013 and 2016. Some of these stickers have been sold already. Vintage 2000 priority mail sticker with simple softie Small patch of 2013 priority mail stickers Small patch of 2016 priority mail stickers
  3. Small new patch of 2013 Priority mail labels by RIFF 170!
  4. Vintage RIFF 170 drawing from 1983!
  5. Head over to RIFF 170's IG account for a chance to win some free RIFF merch! Just follow the simple rules in the pic and anyone can enter from today until Feb 26 at midnight. Details about the quiz will be posted after everyone has entered within the time limit. Good luck to everyone who enters the RIFF 170 4000 follower giveaway!
  6. Here is a thread where we can post links about style writing culture. https://www.complex.com/style/2013/02/the-50-greatest-nyc-graffiti-artists/ http://www.subwayoutlaws.com/ https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/20/arts/phase-2-dead.html https://www.rockthebells.com/blogs/articles/phase-2-graffiti-writer
  7. I think TIZER introduced me to him very quickly as they were painting.
  8. Pics are from the Bridge of peace jam in Drogheda, Ireland 2013. ? ?, BETA PHATS, ? DAMO (RIP) KEEN, RASK (2002), SOTEN ? RASK RASK, SOTEN REN 77 TIZER, REN 77, ? FACT ? PHATS BETA, TIZER BETA, TIZER, REN 77 RASK BETA SUMS
  9. The following pictures are from Tokyo, Japan from 2017-2018. Toyko has a great writing and street art scene and here are a few pics to show what you can see in Tokyo while roaming the streets in various areas. Keep a look out as I have thousands of pics to share from different areas in Japan. BAHK, SHART, REMIO, WANTO, AKIONE DAETA 2016 D30 crew, CQ, SODUH, NECKFACE SCOTCH LUSH 1UP crew TECK AKIONE ADEK 2008 CHUNEED BKF crew ETHER, QP 813, SHAKA 24K crew JABER, ECYone BOX over MINE SPACE INVADER MINT SMOKEE
  10. The following pics are from Toronto, Ontario over the last few years. The pictures are of pieces and tags still up from the late 90's and early 2000's. RECKA GEMS 2001 WYMP 2000 RCADE 1998 TWISTER MEATS JUNCTION JOE
  11. The following pictures were taken in 2019. These pictures are of pieces and tags from 1972/3 that are still up and running nearly 50 years later! These are for sure some of NYC's style writing history from the eatly years of the Master piece era. *If you know where these pieces are do not name the location and let others earn their pics and a chance to gaze at writing history!* Someone went over some history from the 70's.
  12. Early 70's style writing pioneer P.H.A.S.E 2! The man of many talents!
  13. Two canvases done by RIFF 170. Orange RIFF canvas from 2014 RIFF 170 characters on canvas from 1991
  14. RIFF 170 dropping real knowledge of the 70's style writing culture at the ART vs. Transit show.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyYYM0CgeL4 (album version)
  16. RIFF 170

    Punk is Dead

    One of the best to ever play punk rock!
  17. RIFF 170

    Punk is Dead

    The best punk show I have ever gone to for sure was Poison idea
  18. Book by P.H.A.S.E 2 about style writing culture.
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