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  1. Bernie Sanders reads large print books, I know cuz I met him in DC in 2002 and he was blind as a fucking bat. I'm sure he'll probably get voted into the white house anyway.
  2. New Hampshire, one of the best places on earth. Hip hop dudes don't know it, but NH/ME/MA/RI pretty much invented the word "nigga" and not in the selling nicks of heroin on 110th street way neitha.
  3. Alright, another great recipe that ain't too hard to make would be the twice baked potato. If you're new to baking potatoes first thing you need to know is you gotta puncture their skins with either a fork or knife after washing the dirt off them. This will keep them from exploding in the oven while they cook. It'll take maybe between 20 minutes and a half hour for your potatoes to bake in the oven at around 325f. Once the potatoes are cooked remove them and halve with a knife, then use a spoon to gut the skins/shells and put the potato guts in a mixing bowl. You will then be adding sour cream
  4. Shingles? You a roofer or a chimney sweep?
  5. Any ya ever met a hobo by the name of Track Mark? I think he's from New Jerusalem.
  6. Well, crackedass, maybe ya just overall shouldn't be writing on other people's property to begin with even if you're even supposedly employed by them anyway. You're still not a fucking Canadian.
  7. Why dontcha just use the shit they use for making lines in a football/soccer field buddy?
  8. Face it, bubba, they got the name from a fucking Blue Oyster Cult song. Ya never even seen the Heavy Metal animated cult classic?
  9. Yeah skateboarding and ollie-ing is cool and all but did you ever wonder why you don't land a lotta tricks every fucking time with the earth's crust creating an electromagnet and all the hardware and shit on your board being magnetic?
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