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  1. I tried this project using Montana SprayChalk. And then I tried to use Montana SprayChalk indoors... Montana ChalkSpray is a SuperFund site in a can. Just try opening a can indoors and you'll see what I mean. The instructions say, "Some chalk dust will be created when spraying." What it should say is, "Greasy, streaky colored chalk dust will cover every surface within 20 feet of using the product, and some of it will also be where you sprayed it." The instructions for cleaning say, "Scrub vigorously with a brush and water", but they don't tell you that any cleaning cloth or brush simply spreads a greasy streak of the chalk wherever you move the brush. So a tiny cleanup turns into an hours-long nightmare. I spent the better part of a day on hands and knees trying to get the chalk out of every nook and cranny of the area, after putting up a tiny stencil that took just minutes to spray. So it must be okay for outdoor use, right? Well, sure, as long as it's only on glass and nobody ever touches it. If you put this on concrete or paved surfaces where people or animals walk, you're committing a heinous crime--it's tracked everywhere and gets into cars and homes; this stuff travels *miles* once it's laid down. I would let a 2-year old run wild in my house with cans of 94 black in both hands before popping the top on SprayChalk again. If *you* happen to be holding a can right now, get yourself to a SpaceX launch station immediately and get that can into low-earth orbit, or deep-well inject it, or sink it to the bottom of the Marianas trench. It's not too late.
  2. Thanks for this, I didn't find this in Dy-Mark in the colors I needed, but I did try Montana SprayChalk. It was awful. Will post review below.
  3. I want to make a temporary three-tone stencil on the sidewalk, using the color of the concrete sidewalk as the mid-tone. I read a little about spray chalk, and want to use black and white chalk for the high and low tones. Something like below (although with a different stencil). Does anybody have experience with spray chalk? In particular, a preference for Montana or Molotow? Does it clog a lot when you spray downward all the time? What is the coverage like? Alternatives to the brands listed above?
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