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  1. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed that instagram shit is wack.. i got tired of plp flikn der 3 meals
  2. TRALE


    i need a sandwich rite now yo free look T THIS STOPPID SHIT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9OTiI0vXi0
  3. you did the right thang. fuck was dat dumass thinkn.
  4. whats that big breasted hoes name?
  5. sat and sun getn u so drunk u got to smash
  6. we r goin backwards peeps....
  7. TRALE


    mehh.... naw its not worth the other 50. wait for the armor kill that shit is gonna fuck your head up...
  8. http://www.sendspace.com/file/lacy2y simple work out plan in a book
  9. TRALE


    that close quarters is fucking sick. thats my next purchase for sure. the physics on 3 is awesome compared to 2.
  10. TRALE


    just downloaded this game it dope how the bots fucking explode when u shoot the fuck out of them.
  11. yea, its still pretty chill cops never really fuk wit us there. Although i need to bring a pellet gun or somethin to shoot some sea rats them lil fukers r thieves
  12. TRALE


    any 1 b on da pc
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