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  1. I apologize to the 12oz community for posting the freight. I thought the thread could include the exploration of styles. A majority of the pieces on this thread look the same.
  2. almost done Miami was on fire this year
  3. i think askew warned us all....swoosh
  4. AIRES!!! Detroit would be a nice getaway from SFL
  5. self promotion on the internetz :cool:
  6. once funds are up, next project
  7. Also don't only practice letters, art is infinite, try characters. With time your creations will come to life. Photoshop is efficient and much less expensive than art supplies.
  8. Three dimensional forms will come with time not art classes. Take what you see and study. Drugs don't help
  9. don't pay attention to those that try to bring you down, practice makes perfect. Math helps too
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