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Everything posted by salesmanoftheyear

  1. all for now... i have more will upload later.
  2. mine will all be biased. not that that's weird for this thread or anything.
  3. goose phone opt. and is that a goat with its wings detached?
  4. i dont ever really catch those vagrant flies anymore...
  5. http://andrewslatertattoos.com/home.html http://www.scottsketo.com/
  6. kicking it for about 4 years or so doesnt sound like kicking it to me!
  7. that rezist and that harsh are both hootin' and hollerin'.
  8. mecro and that hope piece hurt my vision...
  9. i caught that bc rail unit a month or 2 ago..
  10. cuate, helm, phone, jade. that seer gs sicks oder canvas is ill.
  11. thats a good bench. that hbak and that old sigh on that last page are both golden.
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