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Everything posted by salesmanoftheyear

  1. rolling nowhere needs to hustle up to va.
  2. "Someone climbed on top of our garage roof and actually sprayed 'stupid' across the apartment building brick wall. Not only is it impossible to get off, but we have to look at the word 'stupid' for the rest of our lives," adds Lindner.
  3. Ctrain... i think you should stop posting. all together.
  4. it just makes it all the more better doo.
  5. that soul shit is goofy, but real cool. bump
  6. recneps, i have your shit drawn up, i have to color it in, and flick it... ive been busy, sorry.
  7. xrae vash joce swine gs sicks good benching.
  8. i believe its a HOMEBUM camp, notta hobo.
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