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Everything posted by salesmanoftheyear

  1. get off this crew change shit... anyone here know a kid named tyler "bones" meushaw?
  2. the youtube videos of that riot are hilarious.
  3. hahaha night train. let me post some pictures, that i probably have posted before. whatever, just tired of all this HOO BLAH oh here.
  4. rolling nowhere, hit me up again man, i dont feel like going through my pms to find you.
  5. i met yme over the summer in richmond, he was cool as shit. rip yme.
  6. And what is Train Doc's real name? Who is he? Where is he? Does he know what she did? Thanks. WHO CARES!?
  7. if someone is putting cc info out on the internet, who gives a fuck. the crew change is worth nothing anymore... half of the info in there is false and will get you thrown in jail (yes, even in the 2009 edition). no offense to train doc and his peeps who put the cc together at all, just havent found it to be useful more than a quarter of the time.
  8. alak and z. i need to talk to you bout sumthin.
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