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  1. Why is it that whenever there are at least 75% white people at a bar, they always start singing JOURNEY???
  2. I would kill for an amazing empanada. I haven't had one in years. I grew up eating these delicious flaky cheese empanadas and the meat empanadas with olives from a local bakery in South America. I've found plenty of Peruvian restaurants in my area, but no Chilean or Argentinian spots. On the hunt now...
  3. Whole Foods must be an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer of gangsters. There are always ex cholos and cholas baking the pizza or restocking the beer.
  4. So "new rave" are those dumb kids that buy bootleg Bathing Ape and oversized frames with no lenses? I get it now. Who said 12oz was not educational...
  5. Then it must have originated in Canada and passed down to the US? Cause it is still spreading like a disease among Southern California teenagers. I'm so over the whole ubiquitous skinny and greasy American Apparel look. It cuts down about 75% of my dating pool. When people have that look, I keep on walking and never look back...
  6. I clicked on the YouTube link and it was pretty awful. There is definitely a huge generation gap between me and those kids. Looking like a homosexual was never a trend while I was in school. I've also been seeing this strange hybrid of a candy raver + hipster on fixed gears. A young informant told me they are called "new rave". I'm relatively young, but I never felt more out of the loop.
  7. StreetPeep


    Forget real estate. Buy some GOLD. Asap.
  8. I thought that was a snapshot of current 12oz members. Sometimes the thing we hate the most in others is what we hate the most about ourselves.
  9. If you got bills to pay within a few days, eBay turn around time is too slow. Do you still have receipts for items that you bought recently? Could be anything tangible... Clothing, groceries, housekeeping supplies, etc. Fuck it, who cares what it is. You are broke as fuck and beggars can't be choosers. Go steal that same exact stuff and return it. You'll get your money back instantly if you used a debit card and 2 days if you used a credit card. Even better if it was paid in cash.
  10. I was hoping this thread was about a Teen Wolf sequel. UCLA is not a private university and they don't accept students just because they have daddy's money and a trust fund. If you are accepted here, you are pretty legit about your studies (with the exception of James Franco)...
  11. StreetPeep


    count chocula - I recommend climbing. It is the fastest way to get strong, and the flats will be a breeze.
  12. I'm a huge fan of HBO... I've probably seen every Sopranos episode at least 3 times, but Entourage gets old fast. Pretty boy Vincent always gets everything handed to him, Turtle is still a wigger, Eric is still pussy whooped, and Drama still can't get catch a break. The only thing that ever changes on that show are the movies Vincent is filming and the women he is screwing. The only reason to watch Entourage is for Jeremy Piven's character, Ari. His lines are golden.
  13. This album has made years of driving a lot more pleasant. Disc Two... Not so much.
  14. An obese black guy riding a galloping horse down Crenshaw Blvd.
  15. They are buffing the LA River hard right now. Everything by the 6th Street bridge is gone. Do you really think the city of Los Angeles would spend millions of dollars just to remove graffiti? I don't think so. Think of this buff as an investment for the city in the long run. You can't build more million dollar lofts when you have graffiti bringing property value down. Downtown has been renovated in lighting fast speed the past 7 years. The new Nokia Theater at LA Live reminds me of really clean version of Tokyo with all the night lights and architecture. Removing graffiti was just
  16. Are you a white boy? Maybe she doesn't want to be another "Asian girl with a white boy" cliche I see every damn day. Or maybe she has an Asian Wah Ching gangster boyfriend that might kill you.
  17. You knew this was coming... Before After
  18. El Chavo del Ocho was my babysitter for years. Edited: It also showed me how to draw a pig as a child with the letters E, M, W, W, and S. If you know this episode, you are gangster.
  19. - Ditching school and painting for the first time at the LA River - Two-tone mean streaks. Man, those were really gay. - Crushed downtown LA buses. Now they have flat screen TVs with news and weather reports. Crazy! - Video Graff and Can Control magazine - Espo's "The Art of Getting Over" being released when I was a senior - Everyone talking about the Saber river piece... Looks like things haven't changed that much.
  20. Adidas sandals with socks is so Asian gangster circa 1995.
  21. Families and all their little fat kids that go to the beach with no towels and no bathing suits. (I've seen families dry off with paper towels and they didn't bring a damn thing to eat. Felt bad for those kids). All the poor fat kids jump in with their all their clothes on, while the white kids are super prepared with their sunblock, beach towels, visors, coolers, surf boards, umbrellas, sandwiches, snacks, etc. Crackheads trying to sell you a set of CDs they stole from someone's car. Doing your family's grocery shopping at the liquor store. Mothers that teach their kids how t
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