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  1. You guys are trippin'.... Duran Duran, Prince, Project Pat... There is absolutely no shame in that. You don't know shame until you work with a bunch of fashion chicks and gay dudes and develop an appreciation for Kylie Minogue.
  2. If you are one of the unfortunate few that turns red as a tomato when you drink, eat some TUMS prior to binge drinking. No one will know you are wasted, until you make a complete ass out of yourself.
  3. Crystal meth is a methamphetamine (does not contain any crack or cocaine in it) and as you see in Cops, is usually associated with the rednecks of America. It is highly debated that crack cocaine has been manufactured with the intent to destroy inner-cities.
  4. I've driven through a few small roundabouts in the States. They help traffic flow and reduce speed. Apparently, a lot of accidents are caused by stop lights at intersections. "Let me drive, I go through yellow lights" - Bart Simpson What's really fresh in the hairpin turns that they show in the Tour De France. Those roads look surreal.
  5. Dear Australians, First of all, I must say, Australians are some of the coolest people I have ever met. Always so friendly and ready to get smashed. My kind of people. My question is, where does your friendly demeanor come from? Are you always that fucking happy? And second, how do you remain good friends with the people you sleep with? Every girl I know raves about some Australian love affair, and American men in comparison treat them like shit. Americans really do have the worst dating rituals. Maybe you can teach them a thing or two about that. Sincerely, Me
  6. I found 5 old $20 bills rolled up in a pile of clothes. I'm assuming somebody forgot in some clothes they've donated. My friend has also found a small bag of cocaine in a pair of jeans she bought at resale store. Bitches selling their clothes for coke!
  7. Magnets are old news. That's what the actual retailers use to remove it. Except theirs are attached to the checkout counter. You can also lightly burn them with a lighter. The heat demagnetizes them.
  8. That picture isn't Jackie. That's just some actress dressed like "Jackie O". This is the real her... She also had a beautiful younger sister, Lee Radiziwill
  9. Academically, not much. Socially, a ton. Lots of skaters, lots of bboys, and some writers. Raves were also growing in popularity. If you went to high school in LA in the 90s, you most likely went to rave at least once and fried fucking balls. And of course a lot of chola group photos being traded like baseball cards every week
  10. Space Jam? What the...? I was in high school when that came out. Fuck.
  11. Not my favorite but I swear this was ALWAYS on....
  12. Augor = unstoppable Haven't seen anyone bomb LA this hard in years.
  13. R&B doesn't have to be all cheesy late 90s horny love songs. I'll be back later for more song recommendations. Until then:
  14. Oh shit. You are officially in Korea if you are drinking Chivas Regal. And where is the Crown Royal?
  15. The only thing worse than a hipster are naked hipsters on bikes. http://www.philly.com/philly/photos/The_Philly_Naked_Bike_Ride_.html Getting a hipster girl is no trophy. They have the worst bodies I've ever seen. Skinny and flabby. How the hell does that happen if they ride bikes everyday? Too much Pabst Blue Ribbon?
  16. Daydream Nation is a fine album. Played it so much its in the music archives now. Sister and Rather Ripped are very good albums too.
  17. No wonder all these white boys are suddenly moving there (and Japan, Thailand, etc). I know in Japan girls will sleep with old men for money to buy the latest handbags and clothes. Western materialistic values rubbing off on the East to the fullest.
  18. Amazing pictures, Suki. I haven't been to Korea and just Asia in general in ages. I remember that Lotte mall was fucking massive and packed with people. I miss those blue tarps where you can get food all day and night. I'd love to go back as an adult. What were the young people like? Are they as promiscuous and annoying as Americans? Were they really bourgeois with brand names and shit? I heard plastic surgery is HUGE (as its always been). That's awesome you got flicks of my friend's tags. He'll be stoked to know they are still running. I believe they got flown out there to paint the fro
  19. I'm feelin' this Nascar limo...
  20. StreetPeep


    If you want to sell that Astro Pop looking thing, you are gonna need a better picture than that. And what is with the wheels? Are they different sizes? Kick stands are for kids.
  21. No no no. Here is what you do. Back off and don't fuck her... Yet. Then she'll wonder why you aren't trying to fuck her anymore, she'll show even more interest, and start chasing you instead. Then when you guys actually do fuck, you can tell your homie in self-defense "she wanted it..."
  22. I cannot relate to this hipster look black or white. I just saw the queen of fucking hipsters, Chloe Sevigny, at a bar this weekend. She looks haggard and tired. I come from a different generation where people were so concerned with hygiene and cleanliness, they bleached and ironed their shoe laces. Wearing girl jeans or high waters was unheard of, and big ass coke bottle glasses? You'll be called a fag, for sure. Hipster guys look so feminine I cannot believe any girl would be attracted to that look. But I can think of something worse than a hipster...
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