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  1. Indoors? At night? You are a bad trip waiting to happen. After tonight, I've officially decided I'm never hanging out with anyone under the age of 25 ever again. Actually, make that 30.
  2. That's right. Hundreds of shoppers smashed through windows at a Long Island Wal-Mart early Friday morning, killing one store employee in the stampede. Click here to read more details. News' reader Nakea Augustine caught the chaotic scene on her cell phone, check out the photos. The unruly crowds stormed the store at 5 a.m., when the Valley Stream store opened. Above, shoppers wait for the doors to open. Hundreds gathered before the store's opening. The crowd trampled a 34-year-old worker, employed as an overnight stock clerk, who was rushed to the hospital and p
  3. StreetPeep


    Can anyone recommend a decent trainer? It doesn't have to be top of the line. I don't race and my bike is pretty old (carbon fiber Trek from the 90s). It just sucks on days like this (where they are wildfires everywhere) I can't do any outdoor activity. I hate skipping too much time between rides or workouts.
  4. The Kennedys were far from regal. They faced a lot of discrimination because of their Irish Catholic background. Joe Kennedy, the family patriarch, was not accepted at Harvard and quickly learned the best way for him to move up in society was through politics, not academics. The Kennedys' involvement in politics is no coincidence. Their every move has been masterminded by Joe Kennedy. It was strictly Jacqueline Kennedy that helped the Kennedy clan project a “regal” image. Her marriage to JFK was also planned by Joe Kennedy. During the late 1950s, people did not want to put their trust
  5. I totally forgot about Brass Monkey. What an amazing/awful drink recipe. + = Dinner is ready If you want to get real fancy, add chicken.
  6. That's some jailhouse shit, for real.
  7. StreetPeep


    True. I always shake my head in disapproval when I see parents buying their kids the cheapest bicycle they can find at Wal-Mart. Even worse for when its an adult buying one of for themselves. Death wish.
  8. StreetPeep


    If you like old bike photos, I highly recommended the Schwinn Bicycle books. Its amazing how bicycles haven't changed very much over a 100 years. Its like they got the design on point the first time.
  9. False. Just got out of a serious relationship and I am completely drained. I'm single and ready to mingle. Its party time. The person below me needs weed to get through the day.
  10. I have: - Partied and painted with a lot of people on or used to be on this site. Some I met here, some I met through mutual friends, and some don’t even know I am on this board - Been everyone’s favorite partner in crime thanks to my unsuspecting looks and friendly demeanor - Been skiing in the Andes mountains and almost flew off the edge of the cliff - Been approached by creepy Dov Charney at an American Apparel warehouse sale for my phone number and photos and turned him down - Seen a bicyclist’s dead body laying on street seconds after he was hit by a drunk driver -Had gangste
  11. The funny thing is if you live in a more centralized area of LA where it is more expensive and public transportation is easily accessible, you most likely own a car. Most people that depend on the bus don’t live in new downtown lofts or own a house in Hollywood Hills. They live far from that. While minorities are riding the shitty bus to work, the more affluent side is living it up and driving BMWs to work. Some of the yuppiest places in Los Angeles and Orange County have Spanish names (Aliso Viejo, Rancho Palos Verdes, etc). While a lot of not so affluent neighborhoods have non-threateni
  12. "Jasmine Fiore was so mutilated, she could only be identified through her breast implants, a district attorney's office spokeswoman said Friday." - Chicago Tribune
  13. Where is the fat rockabilly chick that listens to Morrissey? And her greaser boyfriend? Or how about the washed up ex raver at the after party always dancing next to the speakers? I like Indie Jesus too.
  14. Wait wait wait.... El Mamerro you are in Los Angeles? Dude, you have to hit me up. Guess who... :)
  15. "If you want to get rich, you start a religion" - L Ron Hubbard "Crack is wack" - Whitney Houston
  16. One of my favorite things about San Francisco is the food. Great clothing stores too. I don't understand why so many women there dress like they are going hiking. Some lipstick wouldn't kill them. Lesbians, I assume?
  17. It's not just 8 years. It's THREE 8 year prison terms. That's ridiculous. Looks like he just started writing. What a waste of time and money for everybody in that county. Don't they have something better to do? Like arrest some redneck serial rapist?
  18. I have less than 15 posts, I've already been called "retarded" and a some kind of fag. I'm gonna go with asshole.
  19. Oh, yes. How can I forget the track bikes? Cause having gears on a bike in a city full of hills is so not hip. Don't forget to wear your bicycle paraphernalia like jewelry to parties.
  20. These white boys from the Midwest don't know shit about shit. TEEN ANGEL MAGAZINE. Enough said.
  21. I believe a more accurate description of SF hipsters would include: 1. Beards 2. Bad hygiene 3. Simple brand eco-friendly shoes 4. Shopping at the Salvation Army and calling it "vintage" 5. Chain smoking vegan They earn extra hipster points if they moved to New York cause SF is so 2008
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