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  1. on a quick note there was a time when the cops chased us outta a mall and i hid and he ran to my car, got in started the car and they surrounded it as he revved the engine at them and he peeled out and tryed to run over this cop standiing in front of him, then got in a highspeed chase through a mall parking lot(all while we had thousands of dollars of stolen shit in the trunk)..i figured he got wrapped after watching all the cop cars chase him out the lot but he ended up showing up that night at my house with my car and alll the goods still in it, fucker got away
  2. i seriously fucking loved this dude. i met him when he first moved to SD and from that day on we kicked it everyday, he taught me how to rack properly and showed me what getting busy was really about. he changed my life and to this day was one of the wildest dudes ive ever met. i wish i had more pics of the stuff we painted together. to many stories to name. i miss you man-----KOER MDR
  3. that shit was nothin these faggets get deleted one at a time ima run through em....sukkkkass
  4. yeah theres a sick ass wyse wholecar next to it. u can find it in the d.30 thread. anyways ,is that wholecar in america? looks like it in some other shots, if so i wonder what city they could get away with that shit, thats unheard of in this country practically. must have been a nice feeling getting the flicks in the morning
  6. sofles is so insane i could look at his pieces for hours and still not get how he does it
  7. last i heard he was fucking depths' mom and gimer found out and called his girlfriend and told on him for it. =)
  8. why wuld he put a nike lgo on the side of the train, to me that makes no sense
  9. racked paint makes every piece so much more legit and awsome! when i look at a wall and i can tel the dude bought his paint, shit just looks weak to me, i can see him swiping his credit card and it breaks my heart
  10. thats true, veks' version years ago ws pretty sick. i think this dude has the funniest/best screen name ive seen on here yet:lol:
  11. all i can say about this one is HOLY SHIT
  12. im just saying its obviously not him and if that dude really thought it was then he was insane
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