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  1. swineflu.

    Post Your Desktop

  2. swineflu.

    Teaching english abroad.

    my plan is to go to hongkong, china, or japan. live in a dodgey shitty part of town. make decent cash and then dj at night clubs on the side just for kicks. i would prefer to go to hongkong but from researching on the internet i have learned that minimum is a degree and a tseol ( or what ever its called) certificate. i don't have either but i could get a dilpoma in music production easy by the of 2011 and to do a tseol course no problems but i also wouldn't mind jetting off now/ soon as possible. Does any one know if dipolma and degrees are seen as the same thing when applying for these jobs? should i go to china instead and work there for a while then transfer to hongkong after gaining experience. or should i go to japan and rock out on that freaky shit
  3. swineflu.

    Podcasts on I-Tunes

    Here is link to a podcast version of joe strummers radio show "london calling" he recorded before he died. anyone who digs reggae, roots and rock'n roll will enjoy this http://www.radioclashblog.com/archives/2008/01/12/strummer_calls_back/ there also is proper podcasts on the site but i havn't checked them out yet
  4. swineflu.

    Great Quotes.

    i can't help but say this with girls when strolling through the city and they say that they really like ***** food "wow, i didn't realise that they had food in ******" it's stolen from "when harry met sally" but it gets a laugh every time, and i don't think half the girls even know where its from
  5. swineflu.

    perth city

    hahahahahhahahahhahaha, who the fuck quotes hilltop hoodz, talks like there some king and comes out with some bitch stupid exuse like "all my flix are to recent and there at my mates place with the stash any way" your just a douche bag what you FAIL to realize is that *the internet what invented so that everyone in the world could trash talk and claim to be some expert on anything and everything and hide behind quirky names and e props *Graffiti headz are no longer hip hop headz, yer we all like hip hop but i'm a metal head dude and i'm sure this site is filled with people who like all sorts of music. be sides hip hops dead, or at least dying. Australia is going to get there last ever shipment of technics 1200's in march, but i'm sure you have no idea what i'm talking about cuz your only into MC"s when the true birth of hip hop was the Dj's and the mic was only picked up if someones mum was at the door. and then funnilly enough evolved into other mcs lashin each other *finally, and this one apply's to all of you exept skull and bonez(he has the write idea) get out of perth. its a wasteland
  6. swineflu.

    perth city

    years ago when i started writing Richard had tags all over the place with really nice euro style (this was before the toys started cashin in on that shit) anyway i first met him at some party we gate crashed. i got into a fight due to hooking up with some girl i really shouldn't have. theres like 5 mother fucking metro fags all in my face and one of thems got me by the shirt. fucking richard comes up from behind, king hits this some guy on the side into the middle breakin me free. then takes on the wrest. i try'd to do my part by smashing a chair over some one's head but richard saved my fucking life that night. best part, my friend stole a nearlly full pack of ciggies out of the girls hand bag the moral of the story: Richard is a Fucking legend, you toys don't know shit
  7. Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEET UP/WHATEVER ELSE (ll) THREAD VERSION 2.0 there going to perth for new years im also stoked to see roots manuva and quantic at days like these
  8. Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEET UP/WHATEVER ELSE (ll) THREAD VERSION 2.0 i just asked for his number and said i wanted to the new town ally. lets hope he takes the bait and ill share all info on here also i just moved to sydney and i really badly need a job. if anyone's got any ideas besides pimpin, pushin or prostitution pm me.. thanks in advance
  9. swineflu.

    Kick a Ginger day has RedHeads running scared...

    http://www.allsp.com/l.php?id=e136 not quite ginger kicking but still related and fucking hillarious
  10. swineflu.

    flu shot vaccine gives cheerleader brain damage.

    wow iceland is epic, music women achitecture what more could you want. on the lighter side i needed to stop a go to the toilet twice whilst looking at those waterfalls, for serious.
  11. swineflu.

    Google Voice Invite Thread

    does anyone use google chrome (the internet browser) I've been using it for a month or so. i recon its better then mozilla, just a simpler layout and you can google search straight from the "type in web site bar thing" as well as suggesting what web site you might be looking for i.e typeing in 12oz automatically comes up with http://www.12ozprophet.com even if youve never been on 12 oz before i know this doesn't have anything to do with google voice invites but didnt really want to start a thread just about google chrome the picture program they've maid is pretty neet if your looking for a free alternative to paint/Ms photoviewer(what ever its called) and don't have photoshop if your interested just google it
  12. swineflu.

    perth city

    hahahaha thats the best word ive ever herd/seen.
  13. swineflu.

    Setting up a web radio station. Anyone know how?

    yer i use to have a version that worked like that but for now i'm just using tractor pro
  14. swineflu.

    Hey check out my friends short film clip!

    must've had a low turn out this year there was nothing clever about this the acting was shit, the idea was shit, i mean who seriously thinks that haveing some nerd read a ghost book and then finds his friend or what ever in his kitchen with a blancket on his head and cliche eye holes cutout and he stabs him without his friend saying any thing or trying to stop him, then burring him is actully a good story. its the most un orginal thing in the world. if you want to know how it should be done PSYCHO by alfred hitchcock
  15. swineflu.

    Swine Flu Vaccine

    i've been doing alot of sort of research into communism and the whole cold war thing. i find it strange knoing the dodgey ness of the us government at the time and that of the time which HIV was starting to be found in humans. and also that russia has one of the highest rates HIV victims i haven't done much research into this and its probally my paranoid brain gettin the better of me but still... quite the coninsidence