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  1. mewzer

    C'mon, son

    is this nurga surs, b?
  2. you degenerate bong smoker you
  3. that chris shit isnt even funny....if i took the time to read it i would just be let down as in, stopped on the street to read it;i have all the time in the world when im on the oontz
  4. kim kardashian is begging for a dao face
  5. not a fan. this thread needs help.
  6. prepared to pop open in 6 days
  7. wikipedaoia that cheez whiz....fucking genius
  8. they didnt blow it, weber just tried for once. also, yes that was a good answer to web's hit. wasnt expecting that at all. also i managed to go into double overtime (and lose) in some beer pong with lindback and spaling last night at an xmas party, coolstorybr0
  9. damn bruh draw me up some nipple
  10. guards new single http://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/12849-do-it-again/
  11. 2 goals in the 3rd by weber to win the game....so good
  12. please refer to news you couldnt possibly use thread.
  13. you would think having done this for so long you might actually have something....but yet again you failed. there was no change in speed and there were no added sounds or layering...and you didnt even include the ending of the song which is the best part.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1I07OKWhjk&feature=related
  15. bonzai trees look like nig hair
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