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  1. mcgrattan is all about entertaining the home crowd. we basically drafted him for that purpose only, considering hes not a great skater. i love when he drops the gloves because he never gets tired, and he always salutes the crowd in some manner. also he threw like 40 punches in that fight but basically landed helmet every time.....:confused: i wish tootoo would fight as much as mcgrattan has this season
  2. well we lost to the FUCKING bj's for the first time in 5 years. but damn hawks got shitted on.
  3. dear tobasco cheezits, y u so good in my mouth probly cause u got tobasco on u -mewzer
  4. fuck this shit, i go after girls i cant have, and then when i work my way in, its like i dont even want them anymore. its all about the chase for me now.....and random one night stands. im either gonna end up with an STD, or die alone. OR BOTH and ive received sub par brain from every girl since my ex girlfriend, WHY IS A GOOD BLOWJOB SO HARD TO FIND /nh
  5. well, anyway, back to the juke R... i must say i like it, and i hate the base model.
  6. thoughts on jockey/suicide shifters? also some pictures to keep the thread going
  7. tumbleweeds and tobasco cheezits and a sixer of newcastle
  8. dude, you tagged a fucking playground two tampons for you
  9. mewzer

    Head On!

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