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  1. datsyuk undressed them all but we still won
  2. pretty sure left fila girl gave me a handjob for some tabs a few years bak
  3. bitches with drawn on eyebrows= bitches with no eyebrows come on son
  4. we should do a page for each decade.....starting with the 00s going down. maybe this has been done maybe its a stupid idea i dont know..
  5. needs more pictures of hot wheels cartoon
  6. bb6 preludes are dope, sucks that they were fwd. if its an auto, theres no point in getting it. theyre no fun. there are plenty more unmolested ludes for sale anyway.
  7. its got a bobber style seat....OYE
  8. my buddy has an isf, with iss forged wheels and full exhaust no resonators or cats. thing fucking screams. we made a spoiler for it.
  9. yeah not the most attractive, but it performs like me 180sx tailights ftw
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