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  1. AWESOME AND INSPIRATIONAL. "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to CALIgula again"
  2. Been doing alot of this lately also. Really enjoying strengthening my core this way. I find is way more fun than normal abdominal exercises that get monotonous.
  3. ^ It is what it is. I was at a large Spotlight warehouse today (Craft and Fabric place) wearing a white beater, RL jeans with bottoms rolled, boat shoes, still slightly pumped, tatts showing, music in one ear. Looking YOLKED. Easily the fittest guy in the place. I felt pity for the guys that were there with there wives, looking miserable and unaesthetic while catching there bitches glance looking at me. Seriously, fuck that shit. Then the icing on the cake have her not care like she's in control. Not mention all the single milfs buying shit for fucking scrap booking or whatever. Fish in a fucking barrel kunts. I'm only about 11 to 14% BF right now but being in a store like that made me feel untouchable. Gasface - Life is different when you are what people aspire to be like. Looks wise. Getting ripped is like the human way of being a blossoming flower.
  4. Speak for yourself, highlighting the struggle of the developing world is nothing new. A melting pot of uneducated and uncivilised human beings. Like a monkey with a grenade. The slightest amount of integrity in those pictures are the riot police holding back the rabble. It takes a true artist to paint a masterpiece, but anyone with the intention can destroy it.
  5. Good shit on getting off the hard work, but dude you didn't even mention what your purpose in life is.
  6. Move was ok, deserves it's 6.2 IMDB rating.
  7. ^ If I was worried about it I would go for a swim today and tomorrow before the ride. (Ocean is better) Casual as though, breaststroke until you get out the back then float on your back for about 10/15 mins. Everyone is different but I feel it really loosens me up. If that's not possible try an icebath, Local servo couple of $2.50 bags of ice and a rubbish bin, fill 7/10 with water and then add the ice, add some salt if your a gourmet type. Again, one today one tomorrow.
  8. Better than expected. Still can't do shit tho...
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khFRXBPX2ow
  10. Checking my bank account to see how I can spend the day.
  11. Hey Grown Ass Men, In five months time I'm going to roll the dice and live the international starving artist life. (Only thing keeping me today is my lease.) Couchsurfing will be my accom, the little savings I have will be for medical emergencies and selling canvases and commissions will keep me afloat. My life has been straight for about 4 years solid. Stable white collar dead end job, no debt, newish car, gym membership, ect ect, I'm giving up on it and chasing my dreams, to paint in every city possible. I'm not planning on coming home. So lets hope this works out eh, I have two large cases one to be filled with art supplies the other clothes and whatever else. Advise and tips welcome, Cheers Mapoftheworld.jpg
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