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  1. ipod90


    Philip Seymour Hoffman was a true great. A master of his craft.
  2. Re: 21 Jump: Book Appreciation Top book on my agenda to read.
  3. Mystics. Where truth is beside the point.
  4. Making life changing decisions... To Travel.
  5. Destroyed this while watching Wolf Of Wall Street. Pizza cost $5 Peperoni on Deep Pan Base. Creamy sauce instead of BBQ. After eating clean for an entire week this 7000kj+ bad boy felt like hot melting butter in my palms. Exactly what the doctor ordered. If you pizza you know that sorrowfulness feeling when you get to the last few slices and know there will be no more.
  6. I never miss a good opportunity...
  7. OK Foreign KUNTS, Watch and learn it's safe for the kids to.
  8. Do you ever call your girlfriends "dumpster kunts"?
  9. Motherfuckers from TEXAS get booked for that shit. So I heard.
  10. Wondering what porn is 30 years is going to be like...
  11. Mate, do you wake up with spiders in your shoes?Your cunt ratio would be like 1/100 to any Aussie tradie. Aussie girls a mad sluts SRS tellem shit like "You stupid cunt, I'm an actor" if you are American it will work.
  12. I was wrong about taking shoes off while driving. No offence to Americans. Cunt is trademarked Aussie slang. People call there mothers Cunt. SRS
  13. Protein is good if you can afford it constantly. $150 for 3kg of good quality whey here in Aust. Would rather buy tins and eat chicken if it's a toss up.
  14. F, I'm anglo as fk. Tpbm's, has not been to the gym in days
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