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  1. ...while we're all RiPpIn BrO..
  2. false tpbm has been in a car accident
  3. sneekatoke


    that throw in that video..? ...naahhh..
  4. those dogfish head punkin's are pretty good once in a while
  5. poll dancer? thats some fancy inturnEt lIngoE dooD
  6. haha ^.. looks like some prismas too.. ...its dope, like the s the best in that one
  7. nah but i love da skrimps tpbm is enjoying a cold beer
  8. tralse? thats real vague haha... tpbm knows the nickjr cartoon songs by heart haha
  9. ^thats why this thread is here man... ...you need to stay away from bubble letters at the moment, do simples like the fonts on a computer. this will help you to understand letter structure/flow... ..as for the handy, keep it simple like you have, and just try stuff... maybe move the letters closer..
  10. im diggin those satires, one with the schematic theme goin on with the letters is ill... ...and aloha youd prolly get more help in the toy thread..
  11. true, but sometimes its like 60-80 here a lot of the winter.. tpbm is eating or going to be eating within 30 min
  12. ha, a tag.. ..stay away from bubble letters (like the last 'simple') for now ryke, stick with fonts/ straight letters, this will help you to understand the little folds/cutins/etc you put on bubble letters...
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