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  1. false tpbm has carved/is carving a pumpkin this Halloween..
  2. i had a pumpkin, gutted it, put it in my room to carve at a later date... ..this just reminded me of it. It was stuck to the carpet via mold/infusion... ...righteous.
  3. considering my choice in ales and my options on what to do this fine evening..
  4. fuck yeah black and mild wine wood tip FTW! as for me: -wife's phone -wallet -bic lighter
  5. sucks. i just notice how he didnt have mad chains/plates/forks/DoPe tat2s, seemed like a cool guy to have a brew and such with..
  6. and if you were a bentley youd be an automobile... ...or a stripper
  7. haha, nah i saw this one and thought it was a mistake... ...until the second one. /endspellcheck
  8. oh i wont be able to make it, would you be so kind as to inform the host?
  9. thats what i heard, but i thought perhaps you could verify this information?
  10. watchin stand up, ate a fuckload of turkey legs
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