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  1. those video links are fuckin crazy
  2. I would like to try that 75 as well... ...this has been my favorite as of late..
  3. im currently glad i came back in here to see those half naked broads..
  4. maybe flatface if she placed her face squarely against the wall...
  5. false, just completed one! tpbm just woke up
  6. i had an offer for free skydiving... ...i may have to go...
  7. ...unfortunately drinking a random beer before 11am... ...in all fairness, it was open from last night though...
  8. that bitch was the most annoying piece of shit... (in the video link)
  9. or the azn with black eyes.. ..for real, they coulda put the captain planet villians up there and it would be more realistic...
  10. jesus saves - someones always gonna not like your stuff. the reason to come into this thread should be to improve on your stuff through critiques from others of similar skill level, instead of just flamin you. that being said, what would you like crits on? just your handy?
  11. isnt marijuana a controlled substance FEDERALLY, so this wouldn't they be able to use their discretion and bust someone if they really wanted to? also, if this does pass it could mean a lot of good shit. Paper, clothes, rope, cigs and all that good stuff would be easier/less costly to produce...
  12. is prancin dude (michael sara?) holdin a fork? ..if so, for what purpose? does it enhance the prance? PRANCE ENHANCER 5000.
  13. you are a wonderful specimen of humanity...
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