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  1. drinkin beers i shouldnt have paid for... ..fixin to hulu the night away probably..
  2. prolly smash, but we need an ass pic to be sure.. ..or at least i do...
  3. haha, that goes is dope, the luro is pretty good for 1st complex one, i could show some of my wifes old "attempts", but she'd find it probably and that wouldnt be good haha
  4. FUCK KEYSTONE LIGHT possibly the worst beer ever.. (btw is there even a reg. keystone?)
  5. ... ... ...really? ..smash until the world implodes...
  6. again, somewhat true, haha, i caught half of it.. tpbm is gonna munch soon
  7. what if i told you that you could own a chainsaw suppressor... ...all FOR 3 LOW LOW PAYMENTS OF 299.99??
  8. somewhat true tpbm has over $2 in change in their couch..
  9. you guys are getting along wonderfully! i compliment you on your social skills..
  10. most righteous thread. thank all of you for making my day more enjoyable...
  11. ..and one of the sickest board designs with the grinch board..
  12. false tpbm prefers beer over liquor
  13. ^haha all these parks look sick, i tried to skate today and was thwarted..
  14. i had an exhausting day of being productive and interesting. Also with a dash of alcohol to add zing...
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