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  1. jesus saves - someones always gonna not like your stuff. the reason to come into this thread should be to improve on your stuff through critiques from others of similar skill level, instead of just flamin you. that being said, what would you like crits on? just your handy?
  2. isnt marijuana a controlled substance FEDERALLY, so this wouldn't they be able to use their discretion and bust someone if they really wanted to? also, if this does pass it could mean a lot of good shit. Paper, clothes, rope, cigs and all that good stuff would be easier/less costly to produce...
  3. is prancin dude (michael sara?) holdin a fork? ..if so, for what purpose? does it enhance the prance? PRANCE ENHANCER 5000.
  4. you are a wonderful specimen of humanity...
  5. while this is bumped... (both from 'missed connections')
  6. laughin at IC's font bein the same color as the 12oz... and beers...
  7. hahaha that fuckin simpsons ghost thing...
  8. wondering what people find entertaining/watchable about reality TV...
  9. i think he means you should do simpler, straighter letters... ..thanks for the crits!
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