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  1. he was waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pissed
  2. anyone down for a quick letter battle? like a day or 1/2 day due date or something? doesnt matter the letter, name one and thatll be it if anyones down for it
  3. s maybe, t (and trash the creepy guy too haha)
  4. it seems to have too much going on without a fundamental understanding of the structure, ie the wavy thin line making the middle bars, the arrows, etc. your letter width is also off in some places (left H bar, left A bar) and some of it just doesnt look becoming and should be adjusted/rethought (H+A connection at their bottom bar) My advice would be to work with simpler styles w/ no extensions at first to get the structure/width down..
  5. dont do this. just buy beers. ..or if you want the real 4loko official experience, here are the ingredients: 1 part OE 1 part urine (human or animal, depending on flavor) 1 part 211 2 caffeine pills (crush and mix) 1 part melted 7/11 slush mix together, drink, wake up next to dead hooker. Enjoy!
  6. your words light up my day like a thousand suns
  7. ^do they at least use a presentable glass like in the above picture? ha
  8. false just got done tpbm is at home
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