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  1. the first 2 with simples on them are ok, keep it up. the others arent. Keep workin those simples until you get it down. on the one with the random arrows the extensions make it mad confusing and the arrows dont make it any prettier. and dont try to bend your bars like on the 2nd to last ones F and A yet
  2. soon we will all be reminiscing and laughing at the days when the internet was uncontrolled and we could download our free animal pornz and movies and Jay -Z albumz... ...ahh the wild wild west days of the WORLD WIDE WEB...
  3. ha, i somewhat agree, its a sloppiness factor. I hate fs overcrook personally because they only happen to me on failed fs noseblunts... ...however, i would 100% take a fs overcrook label than a fucking fs "suski"... ITS A 5 GODDAMN 0!!!! /venting *that roll-in to launcher is crazy haha
  4. DELIRIUM IS FUCKING AWESOME ...the beer that is...
  5. bump lets finish this and start another or somethin... ..
  6. maybe the right bar on the last S could be a little thicker but those are pretty dope
  7. ...its really all the same except for specs/service these days...
  8. had an acer, was ok. All pc's come loaded with bullshit, so once you clean it out it works fine. acer also has a larger optional battery pack i believe (its one of the cheapest brands) HP netbooks are pretty good, but more expensive. really, how much is your dad going to do with it? because an acer should work for general purposes just fine...
  9. ^just watched that yesterday, it was pretty shitty. nowhere near the hilarity of eastbound and down, really awkward movie w/a few funnies...
  10. skating and "graff n dance" have always mingled you didnt know?
  11. white people makin a comeback on the crazy game..
  12. trash all, get mega one tug hj from the muscle-girl
  13. the door was closed, so was he really "out-run" or just fucked?
  14. false, unless the i is for invisible... tpbm hates cell phones
  15. true, of course... tpbm owns a slayer shirt
  16. haha the 2d crown is the best part..
  17. alright.. a quick one.. ignore the s's.. prolly sketch it again..
  18. is there a c? and the extention comin out of the "c" is out of place, though i see what you were tryin for, to balance it..the s extension is weird too..
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