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  1. I've had this happen on jobsites before too. Some other trade needs to get to a spot and just moves everything out their way and my jacket that was on a pallet ends up on the other side of the building still ontop of that same pallet.
  2. Ain't that the truth, the new Youtube algorithm is fucking trash! Youtube used to know me so well, I used to just go on there and it'd have a plethora of videos to choose from. Then 6 months or so ago it completely switched up and started zeroing in on one or two topics., and completely forgot about all the other shit I was into. I watch one police chase video and now it's nothing but cop videos, then I watch one Vietnam vet tell his story and it's nothing but war vet interviews. SMFH, whoever's call it was to trash the old algorith and replace it with this new one needs to be fired and blacklisted.
  3. Like I said, you basically just confirmed exactly that. And keep your projections to yourself. 😆
  4. Bombing did it for me when I was going through it. I took it out on the walls. But yeah, we all need our hobbies or passions to keep us sane whatever they may be. Some people really do need to take their meds though.
  5. It's wild how this new generation of quack shrinks has an entire generation of normal ass kids convinced that they all have one mental disorder or another. And how they all believe it to a point that they're actually convincing all their normal ass friends that they also have this disorder or that. And so you now have an entire generation that thinks they need Xanax for their "anxiety disorder" because they're nervous on dates, or they need Zoloft for their BPD because they got into an argument with their parents and slammed a door. These quack shrinks are absolutely making a killing off duping otherwise normal kids into believing that they're mentally ill. That said, please take your meds, brother. You're not one of them.
  6. You're talking about Angel and Z. Those guy's suck. They somehow manage to get great guests but blow it. .
  7. LOL tell me you're salty as shit that you're nobody in graffiti without telling me. 😆
  8. There's another cat from LA who does some good ones, but his name is escaping me. All the one's I seen from him his guests are always giving him his props too for being a LA tripple OG of graff. If I can remember who it is, I'll look him up and post some of his jawns too.
  9. I fucks wit that History of the Bay guy. I seen a few of his jawns.
  10. I shit you not I already commented before even seeing this. And I seriously thought about sending him to Kensington for the cheesesteak too. 😆 .
  11. Go to Aramingo's Best for pizza or cheesesteaks. I can't really help you with all that other yuppie shit.
  12. If it's not autism it's anxiety disorder, ADHD, borderline personality disorder, Neurodivergent, etc. etc. These quack shrinks teamed up with big pharma are making a killing off these kids convincing them all that they're nuts. Meanwhile the ones with actual mental delusions about gender are being told that they're actually normal for the same exact reason. So that the shrinks and big pharma can make a killing off the surgery and hormone therapy etc. .
  13. Some of their shit is split into two interviews in one video. You gotta skip past that rapper or whoever to 38:25 for this one.
  14. Graff Champs got a lot of really goos ones. Definitely recomend going through and watching all of them.
  15. It's been so long that I don't even remember anything about her other than positive connotations when seeing the name. It's way too many of us dropping like flies way too early. This shit ain't normal. Take care of yourselves, people.
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