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  1. Liveola = Live CIK, a legit writer from one of the most legit graff crews in San Antonio. I never met him, but he's boys with my friends Diget and Mega. The story I heard about him is that he ate a murder wrap because he refused to snitch. He was already locked up when I moved here in 06,, but I heard he recently got out. Probably on parole or some shit, haven't seen him pop up on the walls. .
  2. That's my good homie, for real. Woke up today to news that he's gone. Total coincidence that I posted those flicks last night.
  3. Some tourist shots on my phone from when I passed through one day this past summer.
  4. Hey now hold up. Don’t forget ageist, sexist, and homophonic too.
  5. They and them are plural. There was only one person driving. And if that somehow wasn't intentional, then you're probably right about it being a woman driver. A elderly, Asian, woman driver. 😆 .
  6. @!@#$%Where you at? Chime in on this. 😆
  8. I’m calling bullshit! This fool already got poked by someone else and deliberately went into that store and played that shit in front of the camera thinking he’s somehow gonna get a lawsuit or something. 🤣
  9. LOL are we just assuming it had to be a woman driver? 😆 Ok then, her light was clearly already red before the green arrow that he blew.
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