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  1. "VanVonderen" is German for straight edge
  2. Get to Fenway around the 4th or 5th inning Look for some shit faced asshole getting kicked out Tell em all you got is $20 Buy his useless stub works almost every time
  3. Fuck, man. Worst. No more ounce for me today.
  4. My sister died around that age. She would have been older than me. Sorry bro. Who knows what kind of life they would've lived
  5. Watts Towers is pretty metal
  6. Gotta pipe to goregrind when she's bleeding.
  7. Co-signed (I've never typed that before & probably never will again)
  8. Re: Stuff my butt with this pile of cold beets. Hard. No homo.
  9. Whomever cares the least in a relationship tends to have the most control of it.
  10. That Nero is straight fire. Barb wired walls are always a plus.
  11. Zoes

    Electric Retard

    The german accent he types is just a front
  12. They had the world by the balls & dude's ego destroyed it all.
  13. The cheese is overwhelming, I know.
  14. Axl used to be able to serenade his way through a brick wall. *cough* Now he's unstable with AIDS, waiting for his prick to fall off
  15. Re: I want to shave you, yet again Sis' got hungry eyes like whoa
  16. Re: Five-second rule for dropped food? Try 30...and other news. death and soda flavor My roomate said the same exact shit last night.
  17. Sneak, you know what I'm talkin bout, right?! Yeeeeeahheaaah... Woo!
  18. I'd kill for a nap. Was piping all night, no sleep
  19. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Dave Witte is the fucking man!
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