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  1. Good benching if every single one of you filthy mother fuckers doesnt bump FROST I will personally come and knock every one of your fucking dicks in the dirt. OFF TOP.
  2. I really feel bad for ARMN's.... Those things get smashed on. Bout to start bringing white buff to the spot daytime for some clean ups. Get in good with the workers too. Maybe scoop a parking pass.
  3. Bed.


    REYES BERLIN JONES flat all day!! BOZO
  4. That beef has been put to rest. Im pretty sure they have even been painting together
  5. I hear you youngsters are getting popped left and right. Pittsburgh does not play on their graf cases. RUN!
  6. Alot of good shit towards the end
  7. WASP mfk TIMBER SOO Lines Wet tracks 42 HOSER ASEND floater
  8. Yo check it ____Strictly___Business___ (4 underlines in each... i think) Peep game on relatively interesting photos updated regularly. Its public too. DONT BE SCARED.
  9. More to come... These 2 cars were really cool. KERSE always has shit rolling threw the spot but on this time the 2 cars that were there had him on both. even more interesting it was 2 KERSE TAPS cars. Even more interesting they were (im guessing) 5+ years old. Either they have been together ever since they were done (possibly the same night) or they just in a world of chance happened to end up right next together as the only 2 cars at the spot far away from where they were origonally done. Its funny how the lines work. Good-day!
  10. I can remember watching this guy in some graf video back in my early days of the game. Something about Canadian train hopping i think? Train stopped around a curve in the mountains and they ripped some panels. He was wearing all black. Real cool section. Anyone know what video im speaking of? BUMP EACH2
  11. HURST is a sick name Ill KWEST trackside Ive been seeing alot of AVOL rolling recently. MINES killing with a smooth one MAPLE AWE tci car
  12. Every train in here was good Thats what the lines need more of !!
  13. MAPLE has so much style its retarded SABOT with the reefer ups ERABIK WASE
  14. Bed.


    Strait killers right here
  15. I turn yo girl into a circus freak, and paint her face with my kids.
  16. Good looking Detroit. The boys really appreciate it.
  17. And I got a clean panel for you hommie. You just got to chase her down!
  18. I'm sure DEL really appreciates you two tag banging his clean panel.... great job.
  19. True or False: ELMER was texting me this morning telling me about how last night he fucked some chick in the ass for hours.... TRUE
  20. I just went to grab my pants and pull them down because they were scrunching up in my nuts but i accidentaly grabbed one of my balls and squeezed. shit hurts. fuck.
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