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  1. Re: Bear bites dumbass. its an endangered wild animal!
  2. yes that's right, because my body didn't grow useless teeth that I wouldn't have needed anyways.
  3. i have no idea what any of these songs sound like... i invested in satellite radio long ago thank god. its like the vines say.. don't listen to the radio
  4. ahhh! i want to see that trailer! edit: well.... I found this... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4690396156416705374&q=xbox+360
  5. when you get wisdom teeth pulled you get hooked up with the good drugs I am an evolutionary step up the ladder from you fuckers, I don't have wisdom teeth
  6. Re: Shit Talk thread(could'nt find one) :lol:
  7. the oilers better pull up their socks WE WANT A REF! WE WANT A REF!
  8. Re: David Blaine 2 mins
  9. how do you know what piss tastes like ?
  10. you may not be responsible for mel gibson... but paul hogan?
  11. frankie knows his dingos
  12. Re: jimi hendrix all along the watchtower
  13. the raconteurs cd and that panic! at the disco cd
  14. I'd rather just drink (regular) water.
  15. no offense.. but if there is one thing i've learned about cars, it's usually the owners fault. some shit just does go wrong, but thats why they do recalls.
  16. kimball i think you need the protein shakes mang
  17. how do you guys feel about wolfmother?
  18. nothing weak about running for 90 minutes...
  19. if you had made 1601 i would have given you props
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