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  1. yo do you know who does this song? http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=820869727280702716&q=Geico+commercial&hl=en
  2. read the book "einstein's dreams" easy read
  3. I dont know to much abotu religious lifestyles, but religious people are weird. My mental picture about religious families, is of a nuclear family- which eats dinner at the table, and remember "always eat your green beans!" The deeply religious family in mind doesn't allow children to watch to much T.V. because it "rots their brains".Anyone outside the congregation is a suspect for something. And I'm only saying this because I go to college, where most people come from out of state, some being realy religious.They are really strange,for example They dont drink alcohol.
  4. the man in the white house
  5. I support terrorism, for that. "Karma is foreal"- dan the automator.
  6. Re: black pepole on maury -----------bleep ----------
  7. it has nothing to do with jesus...but when the christian took over the roman empire all the pagan traditions like "easter and christmas" were adopted by the christian govt. so that it wouldnt upset the majority of the pagan practitioners. Just as the Native american were forced to believe in chritianity and ended up mixing both religions.
  8. Thats because they wanted to be sophisticated...They should've really spoken in Gullah,or hebonics By the way I might be mistaken about the sophisticated part..bcause I'm thinking mid-atlantic is something else...so let me know.
  9. WORD UP destroy the toy.............!!!1 we guna have us a linchin
  10. So then wouldnt that mean that you'd have to be high or drunk to remember everything.
  11. Getzup


    Well I've read some of your comments.I think you all agree tht there is alot of typoe's and what nots. My question was really about how much time we spend reading a day...But If we spend 10+ hours a day reading mispelled comments in threads wouldn't that perpetuate or promote more mispellings? Since it goes un- corrected.
  12. Getzup


    yo do you guys think that because we have a forum, with many threads full of pages...that we are somehow better at reading?:confused:
  13. i have to give it up to IRAK just because they are making a statement, That ofcourse is "fuck authority, be yourself".RIGHT?...With their brand they are not just making money off it, but making "individuality" an important commodity.They are succesful entrpenuers, but with no sense of moral ethics...but thats nothing to be ashamed of. Sure they live like maniacs...But they are products of the american city called N.Y.City. I take an anthropology class in college. And we study the behaviors of people in different cultures. It is no surprise that these people exist in NY...Or even are idolized in our country. But maybe I am just analyzing way to much into this...maybe they are just a bunch of hipsters who everyone wants to be around with.
  14. welcome to the future! SMOKE CITIES
  15. Getzup


    just had some last night - this morning.
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