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  1. Getzup

    Lick Nuts

    DZone Roku Rumor GS
  2. Getzup

    Cycle TC5

    Re: Cycle f-r-e-s-h
  3. good post... BIG UPS TO DZONE ALPHA ROKU
  4. i kinda get scared when I realize its almost two years now. Every picture here tells a story, whether good or bad. I'm here staring at all the pre-2004 black books you used to bomb...and every now and then I see some original tags you did that still run. Every day is a constant reminder. Love ya like a brother man... TRUE THUGS LIVE FOREVER. RIP THOMAS 17. -proe
  5. someone ban that rookie...dude stay in school
  6. ice sed it once and ill say it again this guy rocks the shit out of 12oz
  7. Many will learn, indeed. Also do not forget that he too learned!:o
  8. "CRICKEY!"- R.I.P. Steve Irwin He would've wanted us to celebrate his death.
  9. rumor c45 gouls sigh phone lyes i like the title of the thread, and it is totaly relevant in these turbulent times on 12ozProphet.com:scrambled:
  10. Re: writers in action! he wouldnt be the first to try this, I've seen one guy in miami bust a move like this.
  11. Abraham Lincoln is getting the shaft, this is a conspiracy against him. only because he was down with the BROTHAZ!:huh:
  12. graffiti never ruined my life, I ruined my life...Graffiti just made me different. it gave me courage, built self esteem, got me girls, made me create somehting proactive in the eyes of human ingenuity .
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