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  1. :confused: :confused: where to find more 3D graffiti on internet
  2. just like:fuck,ace,bitch...etc and some spoken english... in china these words are called:SLANG
  3. i want to learn some AmeSlang words! can u put ur msn num hereor teach me. thx~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ya, i'm a chink. it's just a earlier period of china graffiti. SO...using chinese in graff isnt widly used.
  5. oh thx.... what a nice person u ar
  6. however, chinese is my mother tongue.what Spooky said is reasonable yah. to show some graffed actualities in china. many chinesewriters graff using English.Not Chinese. i think when u see some samebombs in chinese for several times, u wanna know what it means .People in our country-CHINA seem lost themselves. but it not means u got a style while graff it in chinese i think there's some standards graffing in chinese. that's my idea.
  7. i try my best to make some bombs with chinese.
  8. u know,im j a Chinese who is still play graff in CHINA. i don't know what is the toy's standard in other foreign countries. could u tell me!? or give some picture tell me about that.? thx..........
  9. NICE~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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