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  1. Is it routine now for cops to check people's myspace pages after ANYTHING happens? I can almost bet that picture had nothing to do with the girl's death. It was the parent's gang connections (if this is even true) that led to this shooting. -fuse.
  2. I like the shirt in the meat eating special that says "Vagitarian." I want one. -fuse.
  3. More people are killed each year by falling coconuts than shark attacks. -fuse.
  4. Seriously guys, this plus : equals crazy delicious. -fuse. Actually, turbodog compliments pretty much any dark or chocolaty treat pretty well.
  5. Oh man, what happened to the props button? This had me chuckling pretty uncontrollably during class. -fuse.
  6. Oh alright, then..... The VW Phaeton is pretty nice. Doesn't attract too much attention, but you'll know it's nice. I only ever saw one. Apparently they are in the neighborhood of $90k. -fuse.
  7. hierI love this new Audi R8 or if you don't mind building your car/having it built, I just saw this baby in a magazine I get: Their website It's called the Factory Five GTM. You can't argue with performance that rivals an Enzo with a price of a little more than $60k. And so unique. -fuse.
  8. Eugene. Beatrice. Margarine. Sally. Dolores. Arthur. Edna. Theodore (even though I know one). Alvin. That's all that comes to mind at the moment. -fuse. p.s. Judas.
  9. Also, it pisses me off when girls take being a girl for granted and hit guys because they know we can't hit back. -fuse.
  10. If a girl wants to bring it like she's a man, then I might hit her in the name of defense. I'm not talking about sluggin' her or anything like that, that would be excessive. -fuse. p.s. What's the statute of limitations on girls that are big and look like boys? I'm sure y'all aren't looking at this and thinking of those kind of girls in this context.
  11. Dear hot chick that just gave me the eye before walking into her class, Please come back out so I can get your number. I'll feed you. -fuse.
  12. On the topic of slow drivers, mexicans (the illegal alien kind) are the slowest. Slower than old women and much slower than rednecks. They tend to drive like this because they tend to not have insurance. Also, anytime you see a minivan towing another minivan, you can bet your ass a mexican is driving. -fuse.
  13. Also, the school is a business. But unlike most regular businesses, it tries to deny this fact whenever confronted with the proposition that it is a business. -fuse.
  14. To answer a couple questions: University of Houston I could add/drop online before, but at this juncture it is no longer an option. Also, ARCEL, I could never have thought of such a concise way to put it. -fuse.
  15. Re: What Made You Come To 12oz??? Back when Crooked used to be shapes, he turned me on to the myspace picture post which I thought was pretty funny (as embarrassing as it is to admit that's the reason I came here). I branched out from there. But I've got a question, where are all the other channels in this poll? -fuse.
  16. Alright, I'm getting seriously tired of UH and how difficult it is to accomplish anything within the administration. Today I went to inquire about why my classes that I had turned in the drop/add form for last week hadn't been added. Come to find out that they had been added, but they had also been dropped again. The reason: Payment is due by the end of the business day on which the classes were added. What kind of bullshit is that? Who does that? One would think it would be reasonable to set the payment date a week out or even to the end of the business day on Friday of that week. To add to the frustration of this ridiculous policy, UH makes it incredibly difficult to actually adhere to the rule. They only accept Mastercard and Discover at the bursar's office. This means that our Visa (even though Visa and Mastercard are the same company) and American Express are completely useless in this predicament. That leaves me with three options: 1) I have to have over $1,700 cash walking around with me 2) I can process a check online, which my father won't let me do because we would have to give our account number. But, I can bring a check in tomorrow. 3) Take out an "emergency loan" that ends up costing me even more. I don't need a loan, I need a fucking extra day. All of this being said, my only real option is to go through this whole stupid process again tomorrow. I get to go down the same path, fraught with incompetence and marked with inter-office disorganization, only to end up at the same destination. So in the end, the school has not only given me the run-around, but has also wasted the time and resources of its employees. So I ask, who benefits from any of this? On top of all of this, the parking office managed to bill me twice for my parking permit. That's just one more thing I have to fix because UH buys these desks that apparently rend all logic and capabilities from anyone unfortunate enough to sit behind them. Regarding the inter-office disorganization I can never seem to get the same story from any two departments at the school. Even at the welcome center, I can talk to the people at the advising office and walk down the hall fifty feet and be told something completely different. I don't think the school is so dynamic as to have policy changes in the time that it takes me to traverse that distance, if anything it's more likely the contrapositive of this proposition: nothing changes quickly. Why is it then that no one can get their shit straight? Even things that are practically set in stone manage to get fucked up. If I'm at the wrong office, I can bet that I'll get sent to the wrong office three or four more times before finally ending up somewhere where someone can "help" me. God I would love to work here, it would be so easy to steal money. -fuse.
  17. Re: Brothels as tourist destinations It's always been somewhat tempting just to find out how good of a bj someone that sucks dick for a living can give. I have a feeling I'd be disappointed though. -fuse.
  18. Just make up some bullshit story about why you stopped talking to her, like issues with your family (a sick old relative or some shit), and feed it to her. Tell her that you didn't mean anything by it and suggest meeting for lunch/dinner/whatever mero does with a girl pre-sex. -fuse.
  19. move it to the entonces thread. lets get back to weather here.
  20. This movie has the most ridiculous title I've ever heard. Except replace ridiculous with metal. -fuse.
  21. I'll wait til they release a version that has haptic feedback. -fuse.
  22. your right. thus my being done with the thread. not too severe.
  23. Re: Oh hey, hit my car and then speed off. thats cool. I read the whole thing. But then again. I actually know you. And I'm pooping. The party last night was pretty good. I didn't get home til about 5 AM. Thankfully, when I woke up no one was home, so I don't get bitched at. Also, what's with people's ex-girlfriends coming onto me? It puts me in an awkward situation where I would love to fuck around, but I know that I shouldn't. Shit about the car sucks, but I'm sure that we'll get to talk about it sometime in the near near future. Just one thing: there was already a cop chasing this dude? -fuse.
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