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Everything posted by sarcasm

  1. buy a good condition used car. i don't see the point of leasing a weekend car
  2. got my shirt today! woohoo finally great product and nice quality, and thanks for the extra goodies i think i should of ordered an XL though.. i'm trying to cut down on the yup tee collection, but the L ended up looking pretty extra schmedium.. my biceps are fitting a little snug in the arm openings lol. i'm not even that big imo. them white boys in the photo shoot must be extra average body stuctured has anybody noticed their shirts being a little smelly? haha i gotta let this bad boy hang and air out for a bit before wearing it outside
  4. large projects are getting for construction, bids are going out for new proposed jobs, and there's no stopping it. singapore, australia are on the game, the US is stepping up the desal game, it's just a matter of time before it's a household concept... which, to me it's already pretty blatant.
  5. quite interesting to say the last. i had no idea this was going on. i know illegal waste dumping and old waste treatment methods (ie hiding it underground in barrels that will eventually corroded over time) is an issue. i work in the water/wastewater industry and have heard of plums of hazardous chemicals migrating around underground affecting water supplies (and everything else around it). i'm actually working on a fairly controversial project to clean up and try to mitigate fucked up dumping methods used in previous decades - and it's fucking scary to say the least. the project is still in its infant stages, and i know very little of the actual process of how cleaning up this mess is approached. but, from what i know is once the plum starts spreading, it's really fucking hard to catch and clean. i'm no way educated in the actual process of clean up, as i help handle the electrical portions of the project, but i do have a fairly broad sense of what needs to be done. but, given the fact that this dude out making a documentary and doing do-diligence and trying to get the word out, it won't be too much longer before some important players really start to layeth the hammer down. but, this is happening in today's world- not some old fashioned thinking of "out of sight, out of mind" type of shit. like someone mentioned above, world war III is gonna be over water...it's really not hard to see this can be a potential runner in fucked up things to come. anyway, if u want job security, work in the water industry haha you can't live without it
  6. i have this same this. it's been sitting on this for a couple days now. oof, i think this is gonna take sometime to get to cali haha
  7. got mah shirt yesterdayyy..too bad ground shipping takes like a week haha
  8. how are the neck holes for these shirts? are they nice and snug? loose necks on t-shirts are mad snotty nose elementary school kid status
  9. probably not the first thing, but def. in the beginning during my early elementary school days edit: i know damn well im not the only kid who used to do this haha. brings back good memories
  10. thanks everybody for the rec's
  11. cool man im prop'd out.. i'll hit u back
  12. ughhhhhh sbarro's is all kinds of nasty
  13. i just prop'd all yall niggas for the help.
  14. yeeeeeee that's what i was talking about in my 1st post. that's the dopeness right there
  15. you can count on that my dude, it's just nice whilst exploring to have a light bulb go off and think "so and so said this place was legit" and stop in for a bite. foodz muy importante to me.. i can't live w/o it
  16. now that's what i'm talking about. right up my alley ok so john's got the aZn down alway's got the touristy shit it sounds like down i need some more places ya'll i might as well ask ya'll in here, how does smith st/ny adorned fare on walk in? is a call in advance really necessary? probably so huh...?
  17. propped for u for the help. thnxxx
  18. hopefully if all goes well bruh and of course i'll be stashing alcohol and pregaming like a champ before heading out at night.. fuck bar retail prices for dranks
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