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  1. sarcasm


    i'd rather move to a tropical island
  2. first of all, she sounds like a dope boss second, did u get first hand experience to confirm said stipulation?
  3. ^ u'd be surprised how many big tittied asian chicks ive come across in my time not always au'naturale tho..esp. them vietnamese chicks
  4. ^ def. asian and check here: http://12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=120003 twas fun, haven't gone since. would recommend it tho
  5. this is mah crib pistol's home: we're neighbors
  6. im here in OC too, felt like a slight slight push holla for earthquakes, fuck a tornado
  7. 5.9 in mexicali wassup SD! and lars!
  8. just wanted to come in here and share that i went to bed at 7pm last night, and woke up at 530am. sleep ftw
  9. okay so i know people in here are talking about ecigarettes and shit, but has anybody tries snus (apparently it rhymes with 'moose') i've smoked cigarettes for some time now. i've tried the nicotine gum (doesn't do too great of a job) and i've tried the camel 'snus' that you can find in gas stations and 7-11's around here. both were 'meh' and didn't really do too much to satisfy nicotine cravings. i've read a lot on snus from sweden, and apparently it's supposed to be the bee's knees. anybody in here fucking w/ swedish snus? i ordered 3 tins, which should be shipped fucking god knows when from a website i found. i dunno how i'll like it. i've never dipped before, but have tried the previous shit i stated above. i've also heard ppl throwing up when they tried using snus (i've heard the same w/ ppl first try dip) and am kind of worried about this. cuz u know, i prefer not throwing up mah foodz - esp. from tobacco ; alcohol is different any insight would be helpful. i ain't looking to replace anything fully or what not, i'm just curious to see what the raving is all about. i come to you people using electronic cigarettes, b/c i think that's even more silly than a pouch of tobacco in ur mouth oh, and snus is spit free, so i won't be able to get my redneck spittoon on
  11. awesome reply. i like how u thought about it. def. leaning toward swooping up the new spot. def. a lot less douche bags living there /end thread jack
  12. also, i'm all for convenience. my girl isn't so much.. i'll pay that extra buck or two to save me from going out of my way somewhere else
  13. im currently debating if i want to pay an extra $300/mo in rent to live closer to work. (i live only 7 miles away curretly and takes me about 25 min. to and from work b/c i hit every single fucking red light) the spot is a block and a half from my office - which would equal me being able to: a. eat at home during lunch b. take naps at home during lunch c. wake up real late and make it into the office in a timely manner d. wouldn't have to drive mah new hoopty in traffic/around much at all yea or nay?
  14. i didn't bother reading thru the bullshit, but i met some dudes from canada who were on leave from iraq - cool fucking dudes. they were from winnepeg and were mad chill. that and canadian bacon, that's wassup
  15. apparently tribal tattoos give you power to merk fools from a distance
  16. fuck you. ASIAN PRIDE TIL I DIE YEAHHH BOYYYY i still don't consider indians (red dot) asian...
  17. spending a night pounding ed hardy drinks? end the night w/ an ed hardy hookah session:
  18. been there. beautiful city and the wimmenz are the win. eat as much tapas as u can. go to the cured meat shops and sample a bunch. go to an flamenco show. just being there, u'll find tons of things to do
  19. ^ i was ordering a drink at a boba spot and i got all dizzy like, then i realized it was an earthquke.
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