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  1. now ask me how MM started, then MS13, then the various tribes/cults of Mexico
  2. Shining a shoe, Pelican Bay, MM & some Northerners(not of MM):scrambled: XIV FOR LYFE BRO.... ITS AN HONOR TO BE A PART OF THIS ARMY. ALL FLAMED UP. ESSJ. Xicano Pryde
  3. Re: My asshole neighbor and his dog. dont listen to these guys, just take photos or record a video, wait till the dog dies, THEN report him.
  4. this shit was hilarious when he posted the first pics here. didnt think he would make a site.
  5. wow I know a guy on that website. was not expecting it and didnt know thats where he got it
  6. keep those "cap bags" for your drugs. wow what has this country come to?
  7. From a couple Months ago. Trip to Humbodlt. My first time driving through the trees like that. It was a nice hour drive. My car is ALWAYS in the city so i had to get a shot.
  8. :lol: :lol: paint doesnt do anything to the system but get support from people saying to take tax money to stop it(buff). its not the 60's
  9. this shit is wack and i laughed out loud when the Maker said to stop e thugn.
  10. that TWB just burned all of 09 and 10 as far as San Jose Graff goes.
  11. and I have never heard zack say "asalaam alaikum my buddy i was born and raised in frisco, diss that and it is jihad"
  12. "graffers" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: LOL you're so hip
  13. Awesome thread. Ive been thinking of getting into this as a hobby, I do not have any room right now, but I will def. be reading up on it. Im sure it gets to be expensive. But trains are just too nice.
  14. :lol: :lol: youre steps behind homie, mind those feet.
  15. no such thing as sj graffiti. its a myth.
  16. traitor** unless you meant what goods he has to trade?
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