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  1. reminds me of this guy. but not in a bad way I like what you do.
  2. looks like it was dissed. with white paint.
  3. damn they got that upgrade
  4. here is the vid with a wider angle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21SRgqRCqbQ
  5. I am Too Of thy Dragon Blood, Descendent of the Nobility of the Aragon Kingdom. Bring forth my feifs as It is my birth rite.
  6. thats SJ? i see a VCR and NBSK tag.
  7. i still dont know how your site was so bad if you know how to code haX0rZ
  8. Check out this Video of this Magician guy, telling Redman "Its ok Im a Druid" redman:"WhAT?!?" "Im a Druid Man" Something a little random to say. Although I know wutang and them study that 5%er stuff where they do study that older history. Maybe somehow he knew that Redman might have studied about them? not sure, but interesting when I first saw it a couple years ago. pretty much starts at 45 secs then he does his whole thing. *Im thinking it was Method man telling him it was cool
  9. but your website is stuck in the 90s. for someone who is a HaX0r and should know basic html css and java
  10. that shit was mad corny. you played yourself out 3 months ago.
  11. you guys love watching men wrestle. you homos. you would have loved Greece
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