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  1. <SJC for T4M, Music in the Park is on Thursdays the 16th, Freddie McGregor (Reggae) and on the 23rd, some Beatles Tribute. Its downtown in a park, and they always got food + Beer booths. ____ got quite a few bars too and food spots open late downtown.
  2. Mother in law is about to drop 20Gs in Gold. haha. I told her buy land.
  3. Hey there buddy, lets have a seat and chat.
  4. anyone catch this? it was on Yahoo's gallery of him. Looks like a bad Photoshop haha.
  5. here is what Im referring to. The courts dont prove Jurisdiction over them. There is another video of the same guy, he got a judge fired because he ignored his right to represent himself, and could not provide him with the papers that he had jurisdiction over him. Ive had a few friends dodge certain charges because of this. You dont got to believe it or say its right, but it does happen. Charges often get dropped. however I also heard the FBI considers you a domestic terrorist once you fill out the papers. Putting you on a watch list if you aren't on one already. http://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2010/april/sovereigncitizens_041310 it seems like they list examples to justify themselves, but they even state not all claims are illegal. I guess its a route some criminals go to attempt fraud.
  6. there are people who call themselves "Muurs"(moors) and they get that card and even get some charges in court dropped. Its kind of weird, and have been suggested to do it by 2 different people. I never really asked why someone would do it, and what the process is but I do know it has its perks.
  7. Nice. Thanks the for the info dude.
  8. I like After EfFects, though I would probably use final cut or imovie to just seperate my clips. I go to school for Web & Interactive Media. When they give us film classes(im on my 2nd) they have us use Final Cut. Though I like the transitions and effects you can use with After Effects. I just got a Nikon D5100. Shoots 1080 @ 30fps. I plan on shotting a few videos this summer for some friends. I def need an boom mic though. And lenses :/
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    Skate 2 is cool for sure. I hop on every time im bored with other games. Freeskate online chillin
  10. my homie works with them for his bike company. they debuted some bracket with their bike at a few shows.
  11. I dont think I can. Its this. but black. Anyone have experience with these? Its pretty cool. Has a "diaphragm" pull lever that switches it to a yellow filter, and also has a vignette one too. Wasn't expecting that. Also has a "time" pull lever, but it doesnt always work. It does it with a spring on the shutter.
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    I had one problem with my first generation elite xbox. they fixed it for free. I also have ps3. from what i know, they new ones dont have the problem. Everyone that had the problem had the old one. either way, we pay for a console that makes us sit on our ass a good amount of time out of our lives. who gives a shit where you money goes. you already decided to spend it before you had it.
  13. anyone got extra 116 laying around so i can tryout my late grandmas Ansco box camera? :D
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    im playing Gears 3 Beta. I wish it was going on till the release haha. pretty good game. Im surprised.
  15. come on. dont start it with that shit.
  16. if its for a show get them printed professionally
  17. Just got my D5100. Ill post some flicks this weekend.
  18. damn, Im on 8 and no where near that
  19. My neighbor who has a lot of hunting rifles, some playful guns, bows, pistols etc, suggested I get an AR15 lower assembly, and just register that. then just buy different uppers. Anyone do this? I guess you can legally register a lower and it doesnt matter what you switch up top. *Im in Cali
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