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  1. The company probably approched a few schools. THe strategy would be to get a whole bunch of people close to the demographic to do work for free, the company saves a lot of $$ bye getting ideas good & bad out right away. They then have a few ideas for Marketing to review and find the best concept to then go ahead and really produce the content.
  2. You need to find the cleanest one wherever you are. Have a good videographer/lights/post production (after effects/color corrections). Find a popular night car chase scene from movies wherever the fuck you are, to reproduce. tight angles, wet roads with light reflections, closeups etc... have the last scene with that car skidding and stopping under a street light. fin.
  3. Two Black guys doing skits of stereotypical black guys. Something wrong with that. A friend of mine would refer to them as "House Niggas"
  4. :lol: this dude was a sub in my math class like twice in high school. He does this in a competition for people who can draw perfect circles.
  5. This dude shows you how to build one... awesome
  6. does not let me comment, say I have to log in, but when I do, still says the same thing. The log in form in the upper right just says server error.
  7. Here is her post with a lot more photos. Ehhh.. http://lana-sator.livejournal.com/160176.html
  8. __ __ __ __


    So I put some cash down on this frameset. They had 2 left 59 and 61, so I grabbed the 61. and This Wheel Set but with White Spokes.(Phil Wood Hubs) The rims are "made for" the bike shop. So I am not too sure on how they ride. They were just in my price range so I copped them too. I pick the bike up next month...
  9. I do not trust that link. Like many on the Oontz.
  10. My homie just called. He called all casual, friend "Yo Fred, this is *******, I had a question for you" Fred "whatever the question is, The answer is NO." friend "Ok, I had another question, Do you still wear those red hats?" Fred "what." friend "Do you still wear those red hats?" Fred "No." friend "Well if you were going to, would you wear it regular or backwards?" *he hangs up*
  11. Are you coding your own website? If not, do you have the fund to get it done? anywhere from $300-$3,000 ( you get what you pay for). Domains are going to costs you $10 for a year. Meaning you have the rights to that domain name for 12 months. Some hosting services will "give you the domain name" if you sign up for their hosting, but in reality, it is $10 off... They more functionality or "cool" things you want your site to do, the more expensive it will get because of the multiple coding languages. This shit takes many hours of work staring at a screen, so that is why it can run a few G's. I would suggest going with a Tumblr (no hosting fee), Wordpress(20-something $), or similar site that allows you to re-direct a domain name. I use GoDaddy, however if you are not up on how DNS /server IPs work You will hate that shit just to direct it to your account. I heard Bluehost is good, as well as FatCow... both as alternatives to godaddy. lastly, if you are going to use a blog service, make sure you look through their templates, some you might have to pay for, but the design is usually customizable with colors, and adding pages. A homie of mine uses wordpress and he runs a blog that posts music, "street culture" stuff, and videos. http://www.TheKnowbodies.com. You can check it out there. He came to me for a website, but I showed him how to run it off a wordpress. It also gives you a chance to learn a little basic code so when you are ready to have a larger site, you know what is going on. I hope that helps. Peace.
  12. Re: $%37984gt52973498ty not happening. Unless I hack the server and bring it down for 30 days... but i won't.
  14. Re: Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Economic Renewal Plan its really 666
  16. my 11 year old brother plays this. what are ya'll doing?
  17. If I bought them I would want to wear them as normal shoes. Nike fails.
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