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  1. yeah them young 50 year old kids be illin
  2. yeah, I got godaddy for a few accounts. their management control panel blows and some pages are hidden. Luckily, I do web and all i needed to do is set up the FTP. But for someone who doesnt do web and is new, I would not suggest godaddy if you will be directly managing and creating your site. Id suggest wordpress or Tumblr.
  3. not really a "band" but, shot this of Common at a concert @ Nasa Aimes in Ca. lighting was good.
  4. my DSLR has the option but I havent tried it out yet. a few of my friends grind that mode into the ground though. It might be why I dont try them.
  5. Re: Shutter Speed Photography that one i posted i used a different light. It was more like a wand and had 4 LEDs throughout it. It was the angle at which i was drawing. Just mess with any kind of light. The last ones i posted was made from one of the lights from above.
  6. i hate how you have to convert the clip in order to speed it up in iMovie.
  7. if I had expensive cars Id hire you. nice shots man.
  8. I also caught this lookin at me while spending some time with the family.
  9. I've been trying to use manual more. It feels good controlling the camera more, and a tripod has helped me so much. I know I don't post, or haven't in a long time, but I do enjoy looking at them. Inspiring. both cropped only.
  10. i can tell by the website that they dont know what the fuck they are doing. get your shit right.
  11. damn, makes me realize i need to travel in my own country.
  12. and now hes dead. WHOA! WHAT A CRAZY WORLD!
  13. and are in a deeper sleep. oh the illusions!! money! Drugs! Sex! ohhhhh lawd!
  14. anyways. in a year or two ill be making the apps you want. suggestions? :D
  15. he feels threatened. He will drain himself out in the corner.
  16. how did you find out about my friends , i mean about this group? a news article?
  17. im in your city.^ some cool shots, It would be cool to see some variety, got any color?
  18. i noticed that the songs i purchase on my iphone dont sync with my itunes. very retarded.
  19. why would you call a news station that they own? for being a smart guy, you aren't that smart. Im tired of everyone spitting out what Alex Jones and that euro dude says. Reptilians, Satan, Aliens, Illuminati, Shapeshifters. Who Cares. it aint doing shit but have them move slightly out of their way to fool u again.
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