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  1. Oh...hey gang, Well, I joined the site officially (as Bojangles) around 2001 but was on here with random names before that. So, I would have been around 24 or so at the time. I'm 43 now. You might be thinking I was younger because of that kid pic of me (current profile pic) that became sort of a meme around here back in the day. That pic was taken around, 1988 or 89. Damn, I'm old. Wonk Saggin.
  2. I need that code, dawg! I'd love to give ya' $40 but I've only got like $47 in my bank. But shoot me that code and I'm gonna' go steal my cat's credit card to get this.
  3. A couple new jammers by me. Spray paint, marker and acrylic on canvas.
  4. Shirt is dope. Hard to read all those names while I'm drunk. Am I up in there? I'll grab one either way but don't make me close one eye to read all those! EDIT: Aw snap! just found it. I must need more beer.
  5. Totino's Pizza with canned chili, Ramen noodles and fried eggs on top. (The cherry tomato thing made it fancy looking.) Yes...it was as delicious as it looked.
  6. Sure has. Just been doing cool stuff like getting married, then divorced and getting old and fat. Figured I'd pop in.
  7. Holy shit...Just realized that I've been married and divorced since the last time I've really been on here. Hahahahaha! Thankfully, still a full head of hair, painting abstracts and flying drones these days.
  8. Some stuff I've been working in the last year or so. Good to see this thread still going!
  9. Livin' the dream, big homie! Gettin' older and huskier by the minute. I don't think I cropped it...maybe? I can't even remember anymore. That was a ways back. Was there something to the left?
  10. Hey guyz! Stopped by randomly after a few beers. You guys still say "Oontz" or what? Also, cool to see my HeadOn bumper sticker/ad still floating around. Hahahahah! Wasn't expecting that.
  11. Been working on some sculptures lately. Figured I'd swing in and share. Glad to see this thread is still alive and well.
  12. Hey gang! Alright...I'm outta' here!
  13. Looks like I'm fucked either way, I guess. So, what have I missed out on in 2013 on here? Recap thread in full effect.
  14. Yeah, Brickos...I'm tracking a pair on Ebay right now for $300 or so. A pair sold on the museum a few months ago for $90.00! A dude named Caleb lucked out on that one. I know I'm gonna' be spending a few hundred no matter what. Just trying to keep a hundred or so in my pocket for cheap beer and other bad decisions.
  15. Re: I'm back for one reason you limey bastards. (Brickos, look in here!) Brickos, I see you lurking. What you got, man?
  16. Some new junk I've been doing and whatnot.
  17. Cool. I was wondering if he was still around.
  18. I need a hookup on this BMX part. I'm not going to explain what it is. If you know, you know. If not, then you can't help a brotha'. Been wondering what ol' Bo's been up to? Well, besides painting my abstract doo-dads, I've been restoring old school BMX bikes. Okay, I'll explain what it is. What can I say? I'm a nice guy. It's 3 fuckin' chunks of metal that have inflated pricing on places like Ebay. In all actuality, they're a 3 piece crank setup for a GT Pro Freestyle Tour and I just so happen to be restoring one. I've found a lot of hard to find things over the years on this site and I know there's some BMX dudes on here, so help me out. Soooooo, enough about me. What's been up with you crazy kids?
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