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  1. I don't know if this shit has been mentioned, but Lordz Of Brooklyn? Mannish?
  2. calls- fugees "cowboy" text- sex pistols "friggin in the riggin'"
  3. this only applies if you have an IQ under 45. fucking retard.
  4. just tell her you're a homo. hey, sometimes the truth hurts. (lurkin'.)
  5. http://youtube.com/watch?v=pRjKyUYKfG4
  6. so my girl gets G'd at the bar(GHB.). She doesn't pass out. she gets violent. i try to take her home to pass out. nope. bitch starts swingin while i'm driving. i stop the car. walk the last block home. she locks the keys in the car. then gives some dude $100 to take her a block because she "doesn't know where she is". i answer the door to a bucket of fucking tears. she gets violent again. cops come. she tells them to get fucked. they wait outside. she pulls a knife out of my kitchen drawer. i disarm her. i then manually eject her from my spot. cops meet her at the door. she proceeds to murk one of them and kick one in the balls. she gets hogtied. she plays the crazy card. they take her to the funny house for a night. no charges. just pure entertainment. so there.
  7. 2 words... Unemployment Check.
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