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  1. I don't know if this shit has been mentioned, but Lordz Of Brooklyn? Mannish?
  2. calls- fugees "cowboy" text- sex pistols "friggin in the riggin'"
  3. this only applies if you have an IQ under 45. fucking retard.
  4. just tell her you're a homo. hey, sometimes the truth hurts. (lurkin'.)
  5. http://youtube.com/watch?v=pRjKyUYKfG4
  6. so my girl gets G'd at the bar(GHB.). She doesn't pass out. she gets violent. i try to take her home to pass out. nope. bitch starts swingin while i'm driving. i stop the car. walk the last block home. she locks the keys in the car. then gives some dude $100 to take her a block because she "doesn't know where she is". i answer the door to a bucket of fucking tears. she gets violent again. cops come. she tells them to get fucked. they wait outside. she pulls a knife out of my kitchen drawer. i disarm her. i then manually eject her from my spot. cops meet her
  7. 2 words... Unemployment Check.
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