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  1. fuck your kitchen. hevs got it on and popping. Sim simmer, guess whos cuming for your dinner.
  2. COMEDY... bates makes good style writing.
  3. Swerve i cant put my finger on it exactly but I am really really digging that page. the fill style reminds me of the 80s. love it.
  4. yeah is it a lil odd to make a music video featuring your sister half naked? seems almost as creepy and MR aerosmith using hs daughter in videos.
  5. sometimes even the best of plans experience a few glitches.
  6. this is the best thing i have ever read on this site. I remember when there was a World sized gap between being 14 and 17, now all i can see is from age 0- until you're a dumb ass, will be for most of your life, the only thing that changes is your ability to recognize just how much of a dumb ass you are.
  7. I used to have tones of these things they were really popular in the mid 80s before prismas were so prevalent, there was another kind to that was like the prismas but they were square bodied and had wedge nibs also bled like prismas the smell of these would bring me back to 84, like a flash back.
  8. heavyLox


    NO0B does no one play battlefield 2 any more? That was the first experience i had with live, it hooked me i got dyslexic and ended up getting COD4. But i want battlefield but not if no one plays it anymore.
  9. some how BOB has gone through this, hes what most people who have never heard reggie b4 have heard of, thus reggie fans look down on you if you say i like BOB; but really its only if the only album you own is legend, where you're some what tool status. BOB made SOOOOO much music that still kills the culture music of today. Its too bad there is a decline in instrumentation in the reggie world now. cause the money nah run for bands or theres a conflict of interest most reggae artists ar solo acts, one dude voice, one dude produce the rhythms, shits less then it could be in terms of the artistry. To make money you have to ALWAYS make next tunes and TOUR, stage shows are where the money is. you cant tougher then BOB. the man get rated number one for iver. However there are some super strong next singers and djs to hold the vibe.
  10. XXX, in no way did i mean to steel your thread of over shadow it. there is little chance in that happening, my threads die fast. i resolve to, pay less dues and take more from fools.
  11. Perez has been targeted as well, and i wont be surprised if efforts to cap him aren't stepped up soon as well. And i do not think that the charges against benazir were ever substantiated i think it was well fuck you good or you can leave the country, via your own free will, either way you'll look like a douche. the good old smear campaign at its best
  12. i will add you, but i need to get a little better first; so im at least just awful instead 'SUCK UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE' status. its like being a toy all over again, and im not convinced i ever out lived it the first time, i now no why as you get older you become more and more risk averse cause your ability to evolve quickly fades. Ive begun shopping for walkers; looking for one with an Ipod adapter and a nice lil woofer; so i can keep it hustle while i shuffle.
  13. it must be nice to be fully realized as AWESOME! kudos young cereal named dude. KUDOS
  14. Fuck spelling, with my headset in dont need to spell, shit even my rap name is misspelled... im not mad im am man. and i can admit to being wrong... or at least spelling atrociously
  15. FROM HERE ON OUT I DENOUNCE ALL THAT IS NOT HELPING GET BETTER AT XBOX. no more: writing on things drawing in preparation to write on things 12oz phone friends fam might take a brake from paying bills too showering thats over rated in a digital world. pretty much going outside. the maps on xbox are a good approximation.
  16. it is if your hev, the rest of the world prolly spells it p-e-r-k.... But mom always called me special.
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