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  1. you know i agree so much with you on this... and then i feel that its a total cop out, and reflects a laziness. You know with your access to information and ability to intellectualize and speak about what you do, I kinda feel like you're (i'm) slightly obligated to do some research. if for now other reasons then to know your not regurgitating a thought someone might have finished that could lead you to the next thought and be rewarding and not rehashing... And then theres ignorance is bliss, which is true a LOT. Im conflicted. anyway just a thought not meant to be a personal admonishment.
  2. super uninspired... but i dooo doodle. For lack of a real submission you get a page of unsuccessful ideas
  3. thats CLASS. most people on 12oz, would not react that way.
  4. you know i cant spell that right?
  5. I don't have a green pen. I do have a dark colored pen and i also believe in making my own rules so already my attempt will be and abstraction of your requirement. just the word antique?
  6. do i detect you being condescending? right. i would have PMed you but its turned off. i asked you to PM. nope you want it on front street. i made valid points and because you actually are in an indefensible position so play "i don't care card".
  7. you may notice some recent post missing... this is not the 'post all of your boys pieces and call them burners thread'. this for legitimate burners and style pieces; Please do not post 15 of the some piece with different colors. Were not looking for a retrospective of you people, were looking for burners and style. One hot piece will do at a time. if you have 15 and you cant decide chances are none of them belong here. STYLE is KING maybe you can break down your def of burners or style and we can have this thread re-focused back to the extremely high standards it should be.
  8. so basically anything that would illicet a response online is something in the real world would be worth throwing hands for? man thats gotta be time consuming. and also has lead you to ether being a good fighter or horribly bruised...IMO not every problem calls for a hammer answer. i feel like you care more then you let one but its not worth discussing so point taken you dont care if you get banned. Thus if (not a threat just a hypothetical) it happens i can sleep well knowing i wont hear from you. saying you dont like something isnt talking shit, saying someone could use some improvement is shit talking.I don't have to be a boxer to critique the fight of boxers do I? Just because the opinion expressed isn't yours doesn't mean its shit talking. when you're the one who gets caught (wow that sounds really hall monitor...) what others are guilty of isn't really important. You can remain dismissive of criticism if you want, the fact remains that you dont have to be able to burn to recognize what does or doesn't burn; it may help as far as others wanting to take it for what it is instead of taking it personally. But im pretty sure if i said the same thing there be some reason i was an idiot too instead of thinking 'dam maybe dude has a point'. The other thing is its clear your agenda for writing and being here is diametrically opposed to mine so i have no doubt there is little for us to see eye to eye on. the bottom line is for better or worse i hold the keys to the door, if you want in (||)play by the rules. if you dont care then by all means do you and let the internerd chips fall as they may. notice i tried to be as polite as i could be avoiding condescending terms like KID or SON.
  9. your blind and retarded, if you're serious. Cuasr burns.
  10. Fire... you should really relax, you can be tough in real life all you want. but your posts are close to getting you banned for a bit. theres no need for them fun for you is grating and annoying for the rest of us. saying your done after 1o posts that really have nothing to do with you is really unneeded. if some one doesn't like abuses shit its on them, theres really no need for you to jump in and get involved, your man can handle himself. If skills are in question then discuss skills. Its childish and telling, really, to always decide the way to counter some one questioning the skills by offering up some sort of violence. This is a website for writers; as writers we value skills. the blows you throw are secondary to the game the rest of us are here for. Dodging the skills question answers it as much it needs to be. theres more to life then looking for the next chance to knuckle up. feel free to PM if you want to debate or discuss this or issue some threats Holla. -heavylox I would have PMed you but you have them turned off.
  11. all the money in the world cant buy common sense.
  12. that COAX character is fresh. IF anyone has more coax post away...
  13. heavyLox

    new yes2

    two good things come of Seattle Weed and Coffee and I bet your neither...
  14. this last flick doesnt even come close to really showing the scale of how large those joints are ||NH.
  15. And Ash and Munk, i dont think original WCA members have ever rocked in CT. yall got some history right there.
  16. at least a few people know whats up.
  17. the only bad thing about it is you get shit flicks of what you paint save for three or four spots...
  18. Now saul this is where your remarks fit a lil better. Never heard of any of those dudes.
  19. that is old school ASH from LA, WCA.
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