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  1. went form NI to TMI in one post! way to go homie petrovichicalberg!!! Blowing up septic tanks near you SOON. Down to earth and down to do work. the 3A Upsetter.
  2. pre if you have sketches like you got train flicks bless us.
  3. heavyLox


    but still the game is ON
  4. heavyLox


    (Maybe not the tuff as nails dudes you want protecting your country, in this one)
  5. i have met my ban quota for the day, so from here on out its ALL FREE TIME!!!!! Real talk.
  6. youre looking at the end result.
  7. dam ges paints so much faster then kem. finished 5 letters and lil kemical only did 3 partially
  8. That Mylk is real NICE. Dude handles his cans like a champ.
  9. holy shit hahaha SYE!!!!!!!!
  10. heavyLox

    Kem 5

    nice work my man. R&D QA upsetters another aerosol attack
  11. crazy... im old. grace jones was the hottest scary bitch of the 80s.
  12. those pillows... i could sleep on one.
  13. more lady leg less dude crotch. thanks.
  14. this is actually a forum for works on paper.... look here there are plenty of these types of threads
  15. heavyLox


    never got a flick of the other side of that truck if you ever catch that side our and can flick it would be much appreciated.
  16. fuck did you get that toxic narcotic patch? those are/were my people.
  17. heavyLox


    really? thats a shame...
  18. great and inquiring minds think a like and would like to know...
  19. heavyLox

    Kem 5

    first ass2mouth not just plain old std... i guess a good name is 'hard' to cum by these days...
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