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  1. great idea for a thread. im going to get to this as soon as i can get to a scanner....
  2. i cant believe this shit. you people need to swallow poison. mud buddah said it and i will say it again. please try to hammer this into your head... "everytime you paint something, weather its big, and stylish, or small and pissed, you take a chance of getting it gone over. thats it. what someone should have done is all opinion. this isnt some graffiti soap opera you watch on tv where the bad guy always learns his lesson at the end and they share a mentos. and it isnt a game. its work. you dont talk about a writer by saying "hey he puts in alot of fun"..no"he puts in alot of WO
  3. no, i dont think thats corny. its more close to what i was going to reply here myself. by that i mean this: sexy is person specific. we all know what magazines and shit like tv says is hot. and those are based on a braod generalization and it plays on the most superficial spontaneous feelings we have. but whats really sexy?...well that depends on the person. and it also depends on where you are at in time. things i used to think were sexy no longer apeal to me. so what you think is sexy is directly attatched to who you are right now. so be honest. dont just say..big boobs. nice ass. most peo
  4. dangerous lives of alterboys tadpole ghost world boondock saints down by law blue velvet eraserhead dr. strangelove the exorcist tombstone all good for one reason or another.
  5. Actually what I said doesnt pertain to johnny, as he had to sleep his way up, the big floosy!
  6. When there are new mods, such as myself, it doesnt mean that the old ones go away. From what i was told, it's pretty much perfomanced based, and when a situation comes up that someone feels we may need a few new mods for one reason or another, (current mods busy with school, work or just plain tired of dealing with 16 year old pain in the asses..) they know who to tap for it. all the old stand-bys are still around from what i understand but there are a few new heads including myself helping out.
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