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  1. Boris you da truth my G!! Respect
  2. If you could put a value on life, today shows how much trayvon's was worth. My dude can't come back over some bullshit!
  3. What rookie/novice/toy/no-style having writer wants a KING/STYLE MATER topping them? If you know the rules, you know the answer
  4. aichs47


    Bump that north bound 405 flick.
  5. A lot of biting and whack shit on this page
  6. Stop it already!! This cat is UTI?
  7. aichs47


    Bump that FUS. I remember always driving past that last Duem oh so many years ago
  8. It's a knock off bro no matter how you write it up.
  9. First two look like knock offs 1 being fish the other being plex
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