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  1. Spotted on way to work today, vanity plate on a cube: MRSDAO
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  2. Super dope Years thinking outside the box. the precision in these wood cuts is very impressive. u are a craftsman that stands out amongst the rest, props Quiz.
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  3. Sitting in a surgery center waiting to have my hand worked on. There is a cyst touching a nerve making two fingers numb.
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  4. "it's miller time motherfucka's" anyone else notice that?
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  5. i wuld defenitly cum splatter that girl in the face wearing that clear mask.
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  6. ^^^^ you sound like a whiny little butt hurt bitch the fuck outta here you little whiny butt hurt bitch. bump trideo the triple kickflip 720 double summersault giz wiz nose grind manual ride out tailspinner
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